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Quit your way Youth

Two thirds of smokers start before they are 18. Most say they regret having done so. Every day in Scotland, a classroom full of young people take up smoking – that’s 15,000 young Scots each year.  There are many different factors which lead young people to smoke, but the extent to which tobacco is prominent, normal or accepted around them plays a crucial part. 

Quit Your Way Youth Service aims to give young people information about smoking and tobacco to allow them to make informed decisions.  The service gives young people easy access to facts about smoking and information on how to access local support to stop smoking. 

Quit Your Way Youth Service covers the following: 

  • Stop Smoking Service for young people 
  • Prevention and Education: resources and support for schools and youth organisations 
  • Policy guidance for schools and youth organisations 
  • Protecting families and communities from second hand smoke 
  • Research and partnership working in tobacco prevention and control