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Food advice for visitors

We understand that many patients will want food and drinks in addition to the meals provided. It is important that visitors check with the Nursing staff if they can bring food into hospital for you.

Unsuitable food items (High risk)

  • Glass bottles or canned products or any food in tinfoil or tinned containers
  • Takeaways e.g. hamburgers, pakora, pizzas or curries
  • Fresh items such as sandwiches.

If food is brought in, it is important that it is both suitable and safe. For food hygiene reasons we ask that your visitors follow the guidance below:

  • All food must be sealed labelled with your name and the date the food was brought in
  • Once opened and not used it must be thrown away
  • Do not bring home cooked food – Ward staff cannot reheat any food
  • Do not bring food that requires to go in a fridge or freezer
  • Visitors should only bring food in for you and not for others
  • Only a small amount of suitable food should be brought in.

Note: Some wards may have other items that are unsuitable due to the patient’s medical condition, e.g. swallowing difficulties. Therefore please check with staff about what is allowed.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde does not accept any responsibility for any food that is prepared and purchased outside our facilities.

Further information is available in our Food and Health in Hospitals booklet

Document cover showing staff member assisting older patient to eat