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Give & Go

Give and Go services are running from 12-5pm Mon-Fri at the main entrances of Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Royal Alexandra Hospital from Thursday 17 March onwards. This is due to local temporary essential visiting restrictions which are now in place (read more here).

Our volunteer-run Give & Go service enables families and friends to safely collect personal laundry and hand in comfort items and essential belongings for their loved ones while they are in hospital and patient visiting is restricted due to COVID-19.

If you or a loved one would like to use the service, we ask that you only bring one small bag (e.g. a small rucksack or carrier bag) that is sealed with sellotape or masking tape and marked with the patient’s name, ward details and date of birth. Please try to ensure that only one person attends the hospital to hand in belongings.

Further information on the Give & Go service

What can you drop off?

We accept personal and comfort items.

You will be able to drop off essential items to our volunteers who will deliver these to the wards for your loved ones. Please ensure you observe social distancing when using this volunteer service. Many people want to bring food to their relative in hospital and we understand why this is important. Please only send small items of food that do not need to go in the fridge, or need to be reheated.

Items allowed

  • Toiletries (washbag)
  • Mobile phones, chargers, Kindle/iPad/e-readers
  • Clothing/footwear
  • Hearing aid/glasses/dentures (they must be in a protective container)
  • Snacks in original sealed package
  • Books, magazines.

Items not allowed

  • Food that requires refrigeration or reheating
  • Smoking/tobacco materials
  • Medication/drugs/alcohol
  • Money, bank cards
  • Jewellery
  • Flowers
  • Take away food
  • Balloons
  • Fans/Kettles.

Collecting laundry

If you would like to collect laundry please call the ward in advance of your visit to arrange and the volunteers will collect it from the ward when you arrive.