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Pay and Conditions of Service

Agenda for Change

Pay Journey Tool

This tool can be used to show how your basic pay will change during the transitional period to the new pay system (NHS Terms and Conditions of Service 2018).

Follow the steps, filling in the details which apply to you, and the tool will produce a personalised pay journey for the period of the transition.

For more information please also see STAC (Scottish Terms and Conditions) Committee Update on Agenda for Change pay reform (May 2019)

TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) Update

As part of the three year Agenda for Change pay deal agreed in 2018, NHS Scotland Employers and Staff Side also agreed to develop guidance around the use the Time Off In Lieu (TOIL), further to the provision set out in Section 3 of the Agenda for Change Handbook.

Please find attached the following new NHS Scotland Circular:

All information regarding Agenda for Change is available on the below link:

Medical and Dental

Click the link below for access to the terms and conditions of service for the appropriate grades of doctor/dentist. These links take you to the Management Steering Group’s website, where information on nationally agreed payscales, terms and conditions is regularly updated.

Contract Variation

Letter template used to confirm details of any variation of contract:

Contract Variation Template

Please contact the HR Support & Advice Unit should you wish to clarify any aspects of applying this template.

Executive and Senior Managers

Click the links below for access to the terms and conditions of service for senior and executive managers. These links take you to the Management Steering Group’s website, where information on nationally agreed payscales, terms and conditions is regularly updated.

Job Evaluation

Please use the link below:

Job Evaluation – NHSGGC

Scottish Public Pensions Agency

Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) administers pensions on behalf of the Scottish Government for employees of the National Health Service in Scotland as well as Teachers, the Police and Firefighters.

If you would like further information on your pension please contact SPPA directly on 01896 893 000 or alternatively their website provides extensive guidance (link above).

Recent Updates

Scottish Public Pensions Agency – Changes to our Retirement Application Forms February 2022

Based on feedback from you, we have made some changes to our retirement forms, modifying the NHS RET form into two separate forms, one for Practitioner members called the PRAC:RET and one for all other NHS workers called the NHS:RET.

This process will make things simpler for you, allowing a smoother process from application to calculation.


The new Practitioner retirement form should be used by any member that has held Practitioner service at any time during their career.

The PRAC:RET form has undergone cosmetic changes and the priority of the Practitioner elements have been re-ordered. Further explanations have been added regarding Practitioner terminology, to make filling in the form easier.

NHS Scotland Staff Pension Policy on Recycling Employers Contribution (REC)

The Scottish Government has developed the NHS Staff Pension on Recycling Employers Contributions 2019/2020 circular, as it is recognised a number of employees are disproportionately impacted by additional tax charges and may find their future benefits are affected. 

The REC scheme is time limited until 31 March 2020 and applications should be submitted no later than 28 February 2020.

Please note NHSGGC can not provide financial advice, therefore employees who believe they may incur a tax charge are encouraged to seek independent financial advice prior to applying for the REC payment.

Following the recent Pension Information sessions delivered across GGC, a copy of the presentation and frequently asked questions can be found using the links below.

To apply, please complete the Appendix B Application Form

NHS Pension Scheme – 2015 Remedy (McCloud Sargeant)

The 2015 Remedy is the term used for the pension scheme changes announced by the UK government. This was in response to the 2018 Court of Appeal ruling that found the pension scheme reforms introduced on 1 April 2015 discriminated against younger members of the legacy schemes.

As part of your personal retirement planning you may have considered how the 2015 Remedy affects you. To provide clarity on this area, NHS Staff Benefits have produced a short information video outlining the 2015 Pension Reforms and addressing questions regarding tax free sums and pension information post April 2022. Supporting the video are 2015 Remedy Scheme Frequently Asked Questions which can be found on the Scottish Public Pensions Agency website.

Links to the resources can be found below:

SPPA NHS Pensions Scheme – Quick Links

Returning to work in NHSGGC after voluntary retirement

If you wish to keep working with NHSGGC after retirement on a part or full time basis you can find NHSGGC guidance here: Guidance on Voluntary Retirement and Re-Employment.

Advice can be discussed by contacting the NHSGGC HR Support and Advice Enquiry Team on 0141 278 2700 option 2.

Planning to retire

Full information on the NHS Pensions Schemes is available on the SPPA Web Page. This page provides links to information on:

  • About NHS Pensions
  • Your memebrship
  • Retiring from the NHS
  • Receiving your pension
  • Scheme governance and legislation
  • NHS Factors
  • NHS Forms
  • Pensions Tax Lesgislation
  • 2015 Remedy and NHS FAQs

You can find quick links below to selected areas on the SPPA web page. This follows feedback from NHSGGC staff identifying the most frequently requested information.

About  NHS Pensions:

2015 Remedy and NHS FAQs; This section provides information on the 2015 Remedy.

Your Pension Scheme Membership; This section covers information on the following areas and can be accessed by going to the section link here.

  • Scheme Overview
  • Joining the Scheme
  • Your Contributions
  • Special Class Members and Mental Health Officers
  • Medical and Dental Practitioners
  • Part-time Employees
  • Divorce
  • Industrial Action
  • Parental Leave
  • Career Break
  • Ill Health
  • Full and Tapered Protection
  • Opting-out or Leaving the NHS
  • Rejoining the Scheme
  • NHS Injury Benefits
  • Death and Family Benefits
  • Protection of Pay and Voluntary Protection of Pay

Pension calculators; This sections provides the following calculators which can be assessed from the page link here

 All calculators are based on Microsoft Office Excel:

  • NHS Pension Calculator
  • Pension Lump Sum Calculator
  • Additional Pension Calculator
  • Preserved Benefits Estimate Calculator

Pension estimates and annual benefit statements; Your annual benefit statement estimates your pension benefits accrued up to the end of the most recent financial year based on your pensionable service and / or salary details as confirmed by your employer. Information on how to access to your statement and other information can be found here

Please note that not all information on the SSPA NHS Pensions Scheme page is included in this quick links page. Full information can be found by navigating from the home page to ensure you have all the information your require for your unique pension circumstances.

Working and Retirement Options under the NHS Pension 1995 Scheme

You may be a member of the NHS Superannuation Scheme approaching a point in your career where you are unsure of the financial options available to you regarding the continuation of work or making a decision to retire.

By registering on a Pre-Retirement Financial Awareness event you can receive information relating to scheme decisions and relevant Independent Financial Advice. For information and access to an even, please visit Pre-retirement Financial Awareness.

The pre-retirement financial awareness event has been designed to equip you with information and tools prior to submitting your forms to SPPA via your line manager and payroll. During the course we will discuss wider retirement related topics with a focus on financial issues. The workshop provides the opportunity to seek free independent financial advice from Poise Financial Planning Ltd (no obligation consultation on request)*

*Disclaimer: NHS Staff Benefits in association with Poise Financial Planning Ltd are responsible for financial advice not your employer, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations. Your employer cannot recommend Poise Financial Planning Ltd but we can confirm they are registered with and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give independent financial advice.