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We have 2 large Cook Freeze Production Units (CFPU’s) where we prepare, cook and freeze the majority of your meals. Our own NHS catering staff work in these CFPU’s. The units are based at Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock and the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Our chefs use fresh ingredients when preparing and cooking your meals.

Once cooked, the meals are blast frozen using specialised freezing equipment. This ensures they are frozen without destroying the nutritional content.

The frozen meals are then heated and plated in small kitchens beside the wards so you get a hot, well presented and tasty meal.


We cater for a wide range of ages. This includes children to the very oldest of our population, and for people who require special diets.

It is important that we meet the nutritional needs of everyone in our hospitals and all our meals are nutritionally analysed by a dietitian.

The NHS Scotland Food in Hospitals National Catering and Nutrition Specification sets out in detail what we need to provide for our patients. The specification gives guidance on how many calories, how much protein, fat and carbohydrate and the essential vitamins and minerals required. NHSGGC complies with this specification.

Our chef’s follow tried and tested recipes. This ensures our dishes are prepared and produced exactly the same way each and every time.


We purchase our food and drinks as part of the NHS Scotland National Procurement Framework of approved catering suppliers. Each supplier must meet strict standards including nutritional guidelines and food safety. Every item purchased is fully traceable and protects our patients, staff and visitors.

Where possible we ask for local food producers and suppliers to be approved by National Procurement. Our fresh fish supplier is a Glasgow based company.

Tasting Roadshows

We test our recipes at tasting roadshows held around our hospitals sites. This gives members of the public, patients and staff a chance to try out our food. We have had excellent feedback from our roadshows.