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Useful Contacts

Everyday Healthcare, advice and emergencies

If you need healthcare or advice, or have a medical emergency, go to our Right Care, Right Place page.


To change, cancel or get further information regarding an appointment please telephone the number on your appointment letter. If you have lost the letter please call the hospital switchboard and ask for the department or clinic you need.

Dental Treatment

Visit our Dental info page under our Know Who To Turn to section.

Feedback and Complaints

Visit our Dental info page under our Know Who To Turn to section.

We want to know how you experience our services. By getting your feedback we can build upon what works well and we can improve what could be better.

  • Feedback, please use Have Your Say whether you are a patient, carer, or other service user. Your comments will go directly to the appropriate front line service providers.
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to other frequently asked questions are given here. Topics include health rights, finding your way, accessing services, information about the Board and making a charitable donation.

Head Office Information
Hospitals, Health Centres, GPs, Dentists

And all other clinical services please go here – where you can search or browse for address and phone details

Maternity Booking Line

See a midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant. To make your first midwife appointment call 0141 347 8422

More information here

Medical Records
Procurement Department and Buyer Profile

How to trade with us, our buyer profile, goods and services we need, forthcoming tenders go to Procurement


Job applications, vacancies, volunteering, work placements and further information on working with us go to Recruitment


Human Resources Policies and Toolkits and other relevant information go to HR Connect

Social Media
Website Issues and Queries

If you have any issues or questions about this website, please email us at

Who Called Me?

We use an automated voice system to remind you about some appointments. This telephone number will display as 0800 678 3393.

Please follow the instructions provided during the call.

Work Placements, Study Visits and Volunteering