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Food First – Information For Staff

We are adopting a ‘keeping it simple’ approach to Food, Fluid and Nutrition with a focus on making sure that all patients receive the right meals and snacks throughout the day.  The Food First campaign is based on the practical implementation of the Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care Standards 2014 and will feature a series of myth busting articles and resources across NHSGGC website, social media platforms and staff news… along with a series of branded supporting materials such as posters/materials for use by staff on wards.

It is important we have the best working arrangements to support Food Fluid and Nutrition across NHSGGC and staff are asked to engage with the campaign to identify improvements and opportunities to help to support the nutrition of patients during their hospital stay. Have your say… #foodfirstGGC

Food First will focus on making sure that all patients receive the right meals and snacks throughout the day and that simple dietary changes are adopted to help reduce the number of patients who lose weight during their hospital stay.

This will include:

  • Highlighting higher calorie meal choices to patients who are nutritionally vulnerable
  • Routine use of ward provisions such as bread, cereals, biscuits, milk and drinks out with mealtimes for all patients 
  • Additional snacks encouraging patients to eat small portions regularly throughout the day when they have a poor appetite 
  • Regular provision of fresh water and drinks.

Food First aims to increase the number of opportunities that patients have to access food and drinks through regular enquiry and prompting using care rounding; AHP interventions; tea rounds as well as mealtimes.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping our patients hydrated and nourished so we aim to make Food First the easy option for staff, visitors and patients.

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