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Involvement Groups and Networks

We support people joining our various networks, and steering and strategy groups, on a range of topics. We aren’t always recruiting people to join groups, but we’re always happy to hear from people who want to take part.

Find out who we’re looking for and examples of our groups and networks below.

Who do we want to hear from?

We’re keen to involve people interested in:

  • Making a difference to the care we provide
  • Working collaboratively with us and other members of the public
  • Using their recent experiences to improve services
  • Developing their skills and abilities
  • Learning about the latest changes within NHSGGC.

Groups and networks

Involving People Network

Become part of this growing network by signing up here to make sure you’re fully informed of the work going on across your board. Read how you can help shape the future.

Stakeholder Reference Group

Our Stakeholder Reference Group includes patients, carers, community group members, as well as third sector representatives.

What does it do?

The Group guides how we best communicate and engage about our work. It also:

  • Provides feedback on ideas to transform health and social care services
  • Develops information materials for the public, ensuring they’re helpful and understandable
  • Suggests and reports back to others on how we inform and engage more widely with the public.
How to join

Unfortunately, we’re not currently recruiting for our Stakeholder Reference Group. Join our Involving People Network for future updates on getting involved.