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Research and Innovation

The Research and Innovation Service in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates to support researchers in the NHS and academia. It has multiple roles including offering consultancy and advice, providing Management Approval and aiding in the achievement of a successful conclusion to research projects. Our goal is to release the potential to world class clinical studies across the region, and to play our part in enabling Scotland to grow as an internationally competitive location for medical research.

The R&I management office acts as a catalyst for discovery and innovation within NHSGGC. We have a ‘can-do’ attitude, striving to support both experienced and new researchers in the design and execution of high quality research studies and ensure compliance to all regulatory requirements.

As the busiest R&I office in Scotland, we received in excess of 620 new research applications in 2021 and have approximately 1000 studies ongoing at any one time. To ensure consistency of contact, and to help develop an in-depth understanding of therapy area-specific research projects, the NHSGGC R&I Management office has adopted a ‘portfolio-team’ structure. The portfolio teams form the functional core of R&I and are comprised of Research Co-ordinators, Research Facilitators, Co-ordinator’s Assistants and clerical support staff.

Research and Clinical Innovation Strategy

The 5 core strategic objectives of the Research and Clinical Innovation Strategy are to:

  1. Deliver world leading quality research and innovation which will directly impact on and improve patient-centred care within Glasgow, Scotland and globally
  2. To fully embed a research and innovation culture within NHSGGC
  3. Further promote patient and public engagement and participation in clinical research and innovation
  4. Optimise our use of informatics and real world data through collaboration regionally, Nationally and globally with NHS partners, industry and academia
  5. Actively support innovation and early adoption (or early rejection) of novel medicines and devices at scale, nationally and internationally.

To achieve these objectives, NHSGGC recognises:

  • The value of our strong academic partnership with University of Glasgow within the Glasgow Health Sciences Partnership (GHSP) and the important role of our clinical academics in delivering clinical research within NHSGGC
  • Our close academic collaboration with Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian, West of Scotland and Stirling University within the West of Scotland Health Sciences Network and others across Scotland & Nationally
  • The key role of research & innovation governance in ensuring that research and innovation areas conducted to high scientific, ethical & financial standards
  • The expanding role of our nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, translational scientists and associated academic partnerships in clinical research and as principal investigators
  • Our areas of current strength and research expertise
  • Our close collaboration with other boards both within the NHS Research West Node, the West of Scotland Health Sciences Network and other NHS boards across Scotland
  • Collaboration and close working with e-Health and Medical Physics within the West of Scotland
  • The value of existing and new key research partnerships through NHS research Scotland, local and national charities, trusts and voluntary organisations
  • The role of research and innovation to drive evidence based practice.

Further Information