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Trade Winds Primary School Programme

Content Trade winds is an Interdisciplinary Resource Pack aimed at P5-P7 classes across Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board areas.  The programme extends across all curricular areas and correlates with 44 Level 2 experiences and outcomes.  Trade winds offers a holistic approach to tobacco education that goes beyond health and explores issues that are relevant to young people. 

Guidance for delivering the programme

The pack comprises of 7 themes: 

  • Topic A – Setting the Scene 
  • Topic B – History of Tobacco 
  • Topic C – Health Effects of Smoking 
  • Topic D – Secondhand Smoke 
  • Topic E – Cost of Tobacco (Global and Local) 
  • Topic F – Influences on Smoking 
  • (Media and Peer Pressure) 
  • Topic G – Extending Children’s Learning through the Arts 

It is recommended that delivery starts with ‘Topic A – Setting the Scene’ as this introduces learning on tobacco and gathers children’s knowledge on the topic. Teachers may then wish to explore a particular topic based on pupils’ interests or to select lessons from each topic. Further support and information, as well as resources to support the delivery of the lessons are available by e-mailing