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Medical Education for NHSGGC

Striving for excellence in education and training as individuals, teams and as an organisation.

Welcome from Director of Medical Education

Dear Colleague

Welcome to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and for many of you, welcome back.

You are about to embark on a new post as part of your medical career. With any changeover period, this can be a challenging time for both you and your colleagues. Our NHSGGC induction programme aims to mitigate those stresses and strains as much as possible.

Within NHSGGC we strive for excellence in medical education and there will be feedback opportunities at the end of blocks and via the GMC National trainee survey. We are genuinely interested in your constructive feedback about your experience with us.

Teaching and training have changed in many ways over these last few years – much of the innovation has been suggested and implemented by doctors in training. If you would like to introduce a different and innovative way of how we deliver teaching and training – please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

At any time in your training – if there is something going wrong, or you see something which you think is incorrect or unsafe, please tell someone. You will meet your educational supervisor early on in your rotation and they will often be your first point of contact. Please remember that your peers, colleagues, nursing staff and medical managers are there to support you in your medical post and help you to deliver excellent patient care.

I hope you enjoy your time in post within NHSGGC.

Best wishes

Dr Lindsay Donaldson

Director of Medical Education
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor
Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
Glasgow Royal Infirmary