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Stop Smoking Support – Quit your way

It’s never too late to stop smoking. Even people who have smoked all their lives will improve their health by stopping smoking.  

Stopping smoking is a difficult thing to do. One of the main reasons is because of nicotine. Nicotine is the highly addictive drug in cigarettes and it is this addictive nature that makes it difficult to quit.  

The good news is we can help. Our free and friendly local Quit Your Way stop smoking services can hugely increase your chances of having a successful quit attempt and staying stopped for good. We have various support services available to help you stop smoking. Click on the links below for information on our different stop smoking services and how you can get support to quit smoking. 

Services we offer

Quit Your Way Community Service

Our Quit Your Way Community stop smoking services run across Greater Glasgow & Clyde and offer FREE intensive support from a trained advisor. At the moment, our Quit Your Way Community services are offering telephone-based support instead of face-to-face stop smoking support, however, virtual consultations are also available through Attend Anywhere/Near Me (please contact the service for more information). Quitting smoking with support and using a product such as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is the most successful way to stop smoking. To find out more, call our team on 0800 916 8858.  

Quit Your Way Hospital Service 

Stopping smoking before you go into hospital in one of the best things you can do to reduce the chances of anything going wrong. There will be less chance of complications and better wound healing. If you would like to make plans to stop smoking before you come into hospital, then please contact your local stop smoking service by using our postcode search.

Hospital sites (including the grounds) are smokefree. Many people find that going into hospital is a great opportunity to stop smoking, but if you are not ready to quit, you can ask ward staff from Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help with any withdrawal discomfort that you may experience during your hospital stay as you will be unable to smoke.

Alternatively, you can ask a member of staff when you come into hospital to refer you to the hospital stop smoking service. A trained stop smoking advisor will telephone you to help guide and support you through your quit attempt – this may include organising NRT if you feel that this will help you. You will also go home with a supply of the product(s) you start and information on how to continue the product(s) through your local community pharmacy.

You can contact the QYW hospital service by phoning 0141 451 6112 or by emailing Quityourway.hospitalservice

Quit Your Way Pharmacy Service

All of our community pharmacies in Greater Glasgow and Clyde offer free one-to-one support to help you to stop smoking.

The pharmacist will explain the medications available to help you quit smoking such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches or gum. They will advise on the pros and cons of each to help you decide which option is the best for you. The pharmacists can then arrange for you to get free NRT, if the products are suitable for you to use.

Quit Your Way Pregnancy Service

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life. It can be difficult to stop smoking, but it’s never too late to quit. Stopping smoking will help both you and your baby immediately

We have trained stop smoking advisors ready to help you. We will provide support and advice all the way through your smokefree journey. We will also arrange FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) if required.

We are offering financial incentives for pregnant women who stop smoking and stay stopped. Contact us to find out if you are eligible to receive incentives.

If you are pregnant and want to find out more about stopping smoking call us on 0141 201 2335 or text ‘quit’ to 07796 937 679 or email us on

Quit Your Way Youth & Schools Service

Smoking causes nicotine addiction and people who start smoking at an early age find it more difficult to quit. Two-thirds of adult smokers in the UK say that they started smoking regularly before the age of 18, while two out of five say they started before the age of 16.

We provide a confidential and youth friendly service to young people who wish to stop smoking. This includes tailored support through telephone or virtual support sessions and access to nicotine replacement products.

Quit Your Way Schools – More information coming soon

Quit Your Way Prison Services

All prisons in Scotland became totally smoke-free environments on 30th November 2018. This significant move reflects real concerns locally and nationally about the welfare of both those in custody and those who work there.

The move to smoke-free prisons has resulted in a huge improvement in air quality in the prison and means that both individuals in custody and those that work there are no longer exposed to damaging levels of second-hand smoke.

To help those in custody who were smokers to cope in a smoke-free environment, the Quit Your way prison service provides free support with either nicotine replacement therapy & Champix® to individuals in HMP Barlinnie, HMP Low Moss and HMP Greenock who wish to become nicotine free. Individuals may self-refer at any time using the NHS self-referral form or can be referred by others involved in their care.

For further information contact Claire Murphy