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Virtual Accident & Emergency (A&E)

We are now operating a virtual A&E service. You can access this by calling NHS 24 on 111.

Also known as the Flow Navigation Centre, you can use this service to get quick, direct access to emergency care, either through a video or telephone consultation.

You can receive treatment from the comfort of home, without having to visit a busy A&E department.

When to use the Flow Navigation Centre

If you think you need to visit A&E, but it’s not life-threatening, and you can’t speak to a GP, you should access the Flow Navigation Centre. You can do this by calling NHS 24 on 111.

A team of emergency care nurses and medics will provide you with a virtual or telephone consultation.

Just like a physical A&E, after your consultation a number of things can happen:

  • You might be given self-care advice and told to phone back if your symptoms worsen
  • If you require physical treatment, you could be given a scheduled arrival time at one of our A&Es or Minor Injuries Units
  • You might be referred to a more appropriate specialist service.

The Flow Navigation Centre operates seven days a week and covers the whole of NHSGGC.