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Current strategy Projects

We’ve outlined the current projects we’re working on to achieve the Best Start recommendations. These projects involve working with patients, staff and local communities. They will help us to ensure that our maternity and neonatal services meet the needs of all our patients.

Best Start and service development 

NHSGGC will work with patients and staff to ensure we continue to adopt the Best Start recommendations. We will: 

  • Review Community Midwifery with a focus on staffing pressures and how we can redesign the service
  • Develop a framework that delivers transitional care across our three largest maternity sites. This model of care needs to match the standards outlined in the Best Start strategy document
  • Review the current arrangements for our Hub and Spoke models 
  • Continue to support the national workplan for the perinatal mental heath service. This will focus on maximising the benefits available from our own staff and services. 
Buildings and infrastructure 

We’ll continue to improve and develop our existing buildings, and work to offering innovative technology to patients and staff. We will:  

  • Complete a capital planning review of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital maternity and neonatal site. This work will consider the buildings’ general fabric and long-term operational viability
  • Conduct a further review of our community hub locations. This involves ensuring each location has a completed needs assessment which matches the local population’s geographical and service requirements 
  • Continue to develop the use of maternity and neonatal Badger Net Dashboards and Patient App. 
Clinical governance and improvement 

We’ll continue to provide a Clinical Governance framework which covers all of our maternity and neonatal services. This will allow us to monitor and improve the quality of care we deliver. We’ll also: 

  • Establish the Safe and Sustainable Working Group to review all aspects of obstetric and maternity care. The group will focus on the ongoing review of various critical outcomes 
  • Produce an annual public health action set for maternity services to complete. There’ll be an initial focus on the impact of COVID-19, Obesity, Poverty, Mental Health, Diabetes and other chronic illness 
  • Work with Public Protection to complete our Special Needs In Pregnancy Service (SNIPS) workplan. This will help us to ensure we adopt the Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) model across all of our maternity and neonatology services
  • Ensure all aspects of the maternity strategy – specifically workforce, infrastructure, governance, and service redesign – have addressed the well-being of staff.
Patient experience and involvement 

We’re committed to ensuring all our local communities help shape the strategy. This allows you to influence your maternity and neonatal services over the next 5 years. To achieve this, we will: 

  • Develop an inclusive engagement plan to support the development of the strategy. This will include targeted engagement with people who use our services and populations who are underrepresented through our current engagement mechanisms
  • Ensure our maternity services and new strategy’s key aims meet the needs of all our patients. This will involve embedding a range of continuous feedback and evaluation approaches, ensuring patients can share their views
  • Further embed Care Opinion across maternity and neonatal services, by increasing our promotion and the number of Care Opinion responders from maternity.
Workforce development

To guarantee we continue to support and develop our maternity and neonatal workforce, we will: 

  • Ensure Safe Staffing Legislation for midwives and nurses across all maternity and neonatal services
  • Further enhance the ongoing personal development and improvement provided to all our midwifes and nurses  
  • Reintroduce the Consultant midwife role and maximise all opportunities to share learning, skills and expertise
  • Ensure workforce plans promote the potential of expanding practice development and quality improvement.