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Induction Portal

Welcome to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Our induction film welcomes you with the aim of highlighting our values and ambitions and to outline the ethos of patient centred care in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

It is key that we are all committed to the core NHS values of: Care and Compassion, Dignity and Respect, Openness, Honesty, Responsibility, Quality and Teamwork and we use these values to guide us in all that we do.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is a great organisation with a huge pool of terrific talent. We are committed to equality and diversity to a zero tolerance toward racism, sexism and homophobia.

We have access to some of the finest facilities and resources in the country, but it is the values and attitudes we demonstrate as individuals that make the biggest difference to our patients and their families.

These key messages are important for new colleagues joining our organisation, but I also believe it is important that we all remind ourselves of the opportunities we have to impact very positively on the lives of thousands of patients and their families no matter what job we do as part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.