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Jenny and the Bear

Topic: Tobacco

Description: The “Jenny and the Bear” story book and Name the Teddy competition, are part of a co-ordinated programme which aims to increase awareness of the effects of secondhand smoke on children and what parents/carers can do to ensure their children are not exposed to its harmful effects.

The programme consists of a story being read to pupils by their class teacher, followed by a classroom activity to agree a name for the bear in the story.  The teddy bear names are then entered into a competition and the winners will be awarded a teddy mascot for their class (1 class from each local authority area in GG&C).  Letters are sent out to all primary schools in GG&C at the start of the school year with information on how to register for the programme.

The story of the little girl and her teddy offers the opportunity to explore the themes of secondhand smoke, a favourite toy, rewarding positive behaviours and consideration for others. In addition, all children who take part in the programme will be given a booklet version of the story to take home. It is hoped that this will support parents/carers reading to their children and raising awareness of the issues of secondhand smoke within the wider family.

Type: Lesson Plan, Online Resource, Film, Book

Target group: Early

IT/practical requirements: A video version of this story is available as a YouTube link for live streaming

Implications for staff: None

Cost attached: No

Resource link: NHSGGC: Jenny and the Bear / Name the Teddy

QA Tool: Jenny and the Bear QA Tool

Choices for Life: Liam’s Story (Tobacco)

Topic: Tobacco and Peer Pressure

Description: Togther with PACE Theatre, Choices for Life have produced a series of dramas “Someday” which are all interlinked. They tell the story of Liam, Sophie and Scott as they experience peer pressure, smoking, drugs and alcohol for the first time.

Liam’s story is about a young boy and his school ates who try to persuade him to smoke to fit in with the crowd and the consequences that follow (smoking, peer pressure, fitting in).  The film lasts approximately 15 minutes and can either be watched on its own or as part of the someday series covering other substance misuse topics.  

Type: Online resource, Film

Target group: Second Level

IT/practical requirements: Access to the internet required 

Implications for staff: None

Cost attached: No

Resource link: 

QA Tool: Liam’s Story QA Tool

Smokefree 4 Me

Topic: Tobacco

Description: The Smokefree 4 Me programme is a health education initiative which aims to prevent smoking uptake and encourage young people to make an informed choice to stay smoke free.  The Programme is open to all S1 and S2 classes across Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Classes can take part in the programme in different ways depending on the interests and needs of the pupils as well as the amount of time available in class to undertake activities.  The programme is split into five themes:

  • Theme 1:  Health Effects of Smoking
  • Theme 2:  Peer Influence and Decision Making
  • Theme 3:  Smoking and the Law
  • Theme 4:  The Tobacco Industry, Advertising and Promotion
  • Theme 5:  Tobacco, Poverty and the Environment

Each theme has an accompanying lesson plan with background information on the topic, suggested ideas for lesson development and a topical newsletter.

Type: Lesson Plans, Online Resource, Pack

Target group: Third

IT/practical requirements: All secondary schools in Greater Glasgow and Clyde have previously received a hard copy of the pack but please follow the link below for the most recent version with up to date statistics. Some lessons may require IT access in class depending on activities chosen.

Implications for staff: No training required but CPD sessions may be available in each local authority area via your local CPD calendar.

Cost attached: No.

Resource link:  NHSGGC: Smokefree 4 Me (click link to register and download the pack) 

QA Tool: Smokefree 4 Me QA Tool

Trade Winds

Topic: Tobacco

Description: Trade Winds: Learning about Tobacco is an interdisciplinary resource for primary schools and is targeted at P5-P7 pupils (second level).  

The pack covers all curriculum areas and is designed to enable children to extend their learning beyond the health impacts of tobacco to a consideration of broader tobacco issues.

 The pack is split into 7 topic areas:

  • Topic A – Setting the Scene
  • Topic B – History of Tobacco
  • Topic C – Health Effects of Smoking
  • Topic D – Secondhand Smoke
  • Topic E – Cost of Tobacco (Global and Local)
  • Topic F – Influences on Smoking (Media and Peer Pressure)
  • Topic G – Extending Children’s Learning Through the Arts

Type: Lesson Plans, Online Resource, Pack

Target group: Second

IT/practical requirements: All primary schools in Greater Glasgow and Clyde have previously received a hard copy of the pack but please follow the link below for the most recent version with up to date statistics. Some lessons may require IT access in class depending on activities chosen.

Implications for staff:  No training required but CPD sessions may be available in each local authority area via your local CPD calendar.

Cost attached: No

Resource link: NHSGGC: Trade winds  (click link to register and download the pack) 

QA  Tool: Trade Winds QA Tool

Tobacco-free Secondary Schools

Topic: Tobacco


By aspiring to be a smoke-free school, schools can support young people to make confident, responsible, effective decisions about their health and wellbeing. There are many different factors that lead young people to smoke and the extent to which smoking is prominent and accepted in the environment around them plays a crucial part. Consistency between what is experienced in the school environment and reinforcing smoke-free messages in the classroom is key.

The pack includes a range of practical tools and resources and is arranged into 2 parts that can be used independently or together:

Part 1 – Guide to becoming a Tobacco-free School

This guide document is intended to support a school through the steps required in order to become a tobacco free school. It explains the background, why it is important and key issues.   This guide replaces the previous “Tobacco-free Schools – Helping You Achieve It” guide by Smokefree Services and Ash Scotland.

The guide breaks down the process into 10 steps – and these are laid out in a very practical way that is easy to follow. There is a suite of templates available to guide the schools through the process – these can be found in Appendix 1 and are fully editable Microsoft Word documents. 

Part 2 – Tobacco-free Schools Teaching Pack

Secondary pack aligned to Curriculum for Excellence 3rd and 4th level (S1-S3) although reference is also made in the pack to the importance of continuing activity through Senior Phase, for which this material would be suitable.

There are 23 different activities over 10 topic areas.   It is not necessary for all activities or topics to be used – teachers are free to “pick and mix”.

Topics covered include:

  • introducing tobacco
  • benefits of being smokefree
  • smoking and health
  • dealing with peer pressure and building confidence
  • e-cigarettes and vaping
  • smoking and mental health
  • smoking and physical activity
  • money money money
  • towards a Smokefree Scotland
  • cigarettes, plastic and the environment

Type: Lesson Plan(s), Online Resource

Target group: Third, Fourth, Senior phase

IT/practical requirements:

Quit Your Way Smokefree Schools have 1 printed copy of the resource for every secondary school in Greater Glasgow & Clyde.  To request your free copy please email:

The pack is also available online:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the ‘tobacco-free secondary schools’ course
  3. Create a new account to get started.

If there are any issues accessing the electronic version please contact

Implications for staff: none

Cost attached: none

Resource link: Tobacco-free Secondary Schools

QA Tool: Tobacco-free Secondary Schools QA Tool