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Substance Misuse Toolkit

This online resource contains quality assured substance misuse education resources to support staff working with young people in both education and community settings. Resources include lesson plans, resource packs and relevant websites.

The Substance Misuse Toolkit aims to reduce harm caused by substance misuse by:

  • Equipping staff with the knowledge and confidence they require to teach pupils about the effects, risks and consequences of substance use by providing them with a range of materials and methodologies.
  • Encouraging learners to make informed choices about alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Supporting an age appropriate and inclusive approach to education in relation to substances within the context of a Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Identifying evidence based resources and approaches and share good practice with staff across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.
  • Ensuring that resources are up to date and fit for purpose.

When selecting resources from this toolkit staff should ensure that not only topics are covered but that there is an emphasis on risk and resilience across all stages in the health and well being curriculum. An overview of all the resources can be found here

Service Overview

Click here to access a complete listing of all lesson plans, and resources found in the toolkit.  

Resources can be filtered by topic, CfE level and resource type. Alternatively, you can click on the individual summary tables for each topic area using the links from the main menu.

Useful Websites

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland is Scotland’s national alcohol charity. The website provides accurate and accessible information about alcohol, its associated harm and how it affects different sections of society.  Global, national and local policies, research findings and current news articles can be found on the site as well as briefings on key alcohol issues e.g. minimum pricing and licensing.

Aye Mind

Can young people use the internet, social media and mobile technologies to improve their mental health and wellbeing? Aye Mind has worked in collaboration with young people and workers to bring together a suite of positive digital resources and methods, for widespread use.  Created in partnership between Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS, Snook, the Mental Health Foundation and Young Scot.

Choices for life

Website containing information, advice and facts about drugs, alcohol, tobacco and online safety. Aims to raise awareness amongst young people about the risks and dangers of substance use and misuse, including smoking, alcohol consumption and drugs.

Know the Score

Website which contains real-life stories relating to substance misuse. The website also includes downloadable substance information leaflets, information on a range of drugs, appropriate agencies for signposting purposes, regular police warnings, and updates regarding both legal and illegal substances. Provides information regarding effects and legal issues of drug use and misuse.

Quit Your Way

NHS service with specialist support for schools and youth organisations.  The service aims to give young people information about smoking and tobacco to allow them to make informed decisions. Smokefree Services give young people easy access to facts about smoking and information on how to access local support to stop smoking.

Smokefree Young People and Schools Services covers the following:

  • Youth Stop Smoking Service
  • Smokefree Schools
  • Smoking prevention
  • Secondhand Smoke
  • Work with Schools and Youth Organisations to develop Smokefree policies 

Talk to Frank

Website which contains downloadable information, videos, quizzes, interactive games, and advice regarding drugs. The website also highlights real stories relating to substance misuse and provides relevant signposting information. Provides factual information and up-to-date advice on drugs, and a range of issues relating to substance use and misuse.

Tobacco Free Generation

Youth work essentials developed by Ash Scotland and Youth Scotland with support from Youthlink Scotland, Fast Forward, Young Scot and Scottish Government as part of the Youth Sector Tobacco Prevention Group (YSTPG).  The site provides

  • information on tobacco in Scotland and your area;          
  • accessible session ideas and resources;
  • tobacco awareness raising sessions for workers;                           
  • case studies and examples of effective practice;
  • networking opportunities;
  • Support to help your group or organisation address tobacco issues effectively.

NHSGGC Prevention Network

Prevention is defined as encouraging and developing ways to support and empower individuals, families and communities in gaining knowledge, attitudes and skills in which to avoid or reduce alcohol and drug issues and alcohol and drug related harm.


Information regarding the long term impact on children affected by parental substance misuse.


Evidence from the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Prevention and Education Model has shown that ongoing training or support for staff is essential to promote best practise. Staff groups responsible for delivering programmes and interventions to ensure greater programme fidelity.

Scottish Drugs Forum – Alcohol General Awareness, Dugs General Awareness, Cannabis, Substance Misuse, Motivational Interviewing and Stigma

Alcohol Focus Scotland – Rory, O’Lila, Adam and CHAT (Children Harmed by Alcohol Toolkit)

Health Matters: Conversations about Change – NHS Health Related Behaviour Change training (4 hour workshop)

Education Staff – Please remember to also check your local authority education CPD calendar for specific training within your area.

Latest News

New Tobacco resources for August 2019!

The NHS GGC tobacco pack for primary schools Tradewinds has been fully revised and updated and can be accessed here.

We also have a new resource for secondary schools from Ash Scotland which is well worth a look.  The Tobacco-free Secondary Schools is suitable for 3rd and 4th level as well as senior phase and can be accessed here.

SMT Working Group

This page is for the use of members of the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Substance Misuse Education Working Group

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