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Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS)

Our Programme

Assessment: all SWMS patients will undergo an initial assessment.

Treatment: SWMS is a structured education programme.


Patients referred to SWMS will undergo an initial assessment. They will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the assessment. The assessment will cover a variety of areas that we know can influence your weight management, including questions about:

  • Diet and weight history
  • Health conditions
  • Activity levels
  • Mood and well being
  • Motivation

The initial assessment allows us to direct you towards the best treatment plan for you. This may include further assessment with a Clinical Psychologist and/or a Physiotherapist.


The SWMS is a structured lifestyle education programme delivered by a specialist multi-disciplinary team. This is primarily delivered in groups which are currently delivered online.

Some patients may be offered a 1:1 approach following assessment based on clinical need.

Our programme offers expert advice on diet, nutrition and physical activity, underpinned by psychological theory to support patients with their long term lifestyle change.

The standard SWMS programme aims to support weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. The specialist team will give advice and support with:

  • Psychological strategies
  • Physical activity guidance
  • Individual dietary
  • Lifestyle advice

All advice is tailored to the individual patient and take into consideration any severe and complex health conditions that may have an impact on their ability to make the necessary changes.

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