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Weight Loss Medications

Currently the only licensed medication for weight management in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC) is Orlistat. This may be offered to some service users following the completion of the 12 week Lifestyle phase of our programme.

Orlistat reduces the production of the enzymes used to break down dietary fat. It works locally in the stomach and intestine to prevent absorption of approximately 30% of the fat from the food we eat.

Orlistat must be combined with a low fat Structured Meal Plan (SMP). Patients are advised to follow a diet containing 40-50 grams of fat distributed evenly over the day. 

GP’s are responsible for prescribing the medication. In NHSGGC, our local formulary advises that GP’s should prescribe Orlistat on the advice of SWMS. This ensures regular monitoring within the prescribing guidelines and appropriate dietary support is provided.