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Regular support has been shown to help maintain weight loss. Patients attending the Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS,) enter the maintenance phase after they have successfully lost weight in Phase 1 (Lifestyle intervention) and Phase 2 of the programme.

They are invited to attend 4 weekly for blocks of 4 sessions, up to a maximum of 3 blocks (44 weeks). Weight progress will be reviewed after each block. Weight management is a long term and often relapsing problem, it requires lifelong management.

SWMS recommend that people utilise support within their local community to help manage their weight long term. Evidence from studies including the National Weight Control Registry has shown that there are five key factors that predict success in maintaining weight loss. These are:

  1. Self-monitoring – weight, diet, physical activity
  2. Lower daily calorie intake and portion control
  3. Regular meals – planning and organisation
  4. Regular physical activity
  5. Maintain habits and behaviour change