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Here are some Success Stories from SWMS service users:


Brian’s Journey

Brian was referred by his GP to SWMS. He wanted to improve his general mobility and health.

Photo of Brian, Specialist Weight Management Services Success Story

“I needed to ask for help as I knew I couldn’t do it on my own”.

Following his initial assessment, Brian was offered a SWMS Physiotherapy assessment. Brian was struggling with painful joints and was inactive.

“Everything was sore bar my hair”

Brian was provided with a walking stick, walking programme and started the “Get Started” weight management activity classes.

“The classes were good fun and gave me structure to my activity”.

Brian started a SWMS group in February 2019 until March 2020. During this time Brian lost 37kgs (20% of his body weight). Using dietary and activity lifestyle changes. What a fantastic achievement!

The SWMS staff helped me to change my lifestyle without being judgemental.

“The group support was really helpful. Everyone was on the same journey which made the process easier”.


Catherine’s Journey

Photo of Catherine, Specialist Weight Management Services Success Story

After years of yo yo dieting, I was referred to SWMS in June 2019, weighing 152kgs. My aim was to lose weight, to reduce my significant joint pain, and ultimately improve my low mood.

Following my initial assessment, I was referred to the Psychology team, where I discussed my issues with eating control and anxiety. I was given techniques to support my issues and was offered a special “disordered eating” group programme.

The “COVID-19 lockdown” interrupted my treatment. I now attend my disordered eating group and Psychology sessions via a video appointment, which has worked well for me.

The team physiotherapist has helped me become more active and I follow the SWMS exercise video regularly.

“!I’ve had many failed attempts but I do think having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy really helped, plus being more realistic – it’s not a quick fix – it takes time, planning and organisation. Realising that going off track is not a failure. It’s being kind to yourself and continuing with the plan. Tracking is my saviour. You have to know what you are eating. Every time I’ve lost weight it’s because I knew what was going in. It’s very easy to lose track with mindless eating”.


Susan’s Journey

Photo of Susan, Specialist Weight Management Services Success Story

I came to SWMS after years of weight loss success and failures. I am now in my second episode of care building on previous learning.

“The team have an enormous amount of clinical expertise, who don’t quit and stay cheerful – it’s catching!”

Following my first assessment in the service I lost 34.5kgs. I engaged in the lifestyle programme and attended SWMS moderate intensity exercise classes and Physiotherapy – as even sitting around gets hard after a while.

I relapsed, regaining weight having to tackle my depression and binge eating behaviours: The Psychologists in the service helped me focus on the cycle of change in accepting and refocusing in periods of weight regain through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness in group sessions and 1:1 therapy.

In the midst of COVID-19 I am now receiving Interpersonal Psychotherapy with a SWMS Psychologist through telephone consultations. I am now at my lowest weight in the service and in many years.

“To make change you have to believe in the possibility of change and this is what the SWMS has helped me so much with. I have had weight loss successes and failures and have been able to deal with whatever has happened”.