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At the Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS,) we support increases in activity. This improves health and assists with weight loss. People who exercise regularly have:

  • Improved bone health, strength and mobility
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers
  • Improved blood sugar control and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lower risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Better sleep quality, enhanced mood and energy

SWMS have Specialist Physiotherapists who lead individualized exercise consultations and activity classes. The physiotherapists also have direct referral links with medical services and community activity opportunities.   

Individual Physiotherapy Exercise Consultations

Following the first SWMS assessment, you may be offered an exercise consultation with a SWMS Physiotherapist. These consultations are for those who find it difficult to engage in physical activity, who may have musculoskeletal, medical or psychological conditions. The SWMS Physiotherapists can work with you to address barriers to activity and help you to achieve your goals.

Get Started Classes

These classes provide a safe and supportive environment to exercise for SWMS participants, and are led by SWMS Physiotherapists. The classes are held at the West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital. Patients can book for a block of classes. There are two levels of class intensity:

  • Chair based class
  • Moderate intensity circuit class
The Chair Based Class

The chair based classes have specialist seating.  There are seated exercises as well as standing exercises for those that are able. The class incorporates aerobic, strength and balance exercises. The class lasts 45 minutes. There is an optional 10 minute seated relaxation at the end of the class.

Who is this class suitable for?

This class is best suited for those who use walking aids, or are wheelchair users, or participants who feel particularly deconditioned and/or are under-confident exercisers.

The SWMS physiotherapists have developed an exercise video of the chair based class.

Moderate Intensity Circuit Class

These SWMS classes last 1 hour and include a warm up, a circuit session, muscle strengthening, balance activities and a cool down.

For those with health conditions or painful joints the physiotherapists can modify the exercises to suit.

The physiotherapists encourage all patients to work at their own pace, ideally at a moderate intensity. This means that no participant should feel uncomfortable or too out of breath.

Who is this class suitable for?

This class is best suited to those who are independently mobile; however, if you use only 1 walking stick or 1 crutch this class may still be appropriate.

Classes are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Physical Activity Opportunities

The Live Active exercise referral scheme are available. Discuss with your GP, Practice Nurse, or Physiotherapist. 

Vitality exercise classes support participants to exercise at a level suitable to their abilities. Classes aim to help build and maintain strength, co-ordination, endurance and flexibility. Several different classes are available. These classes are suitable for people with different physical abilities and medical conditions. 

A healthy living and weight loss programme that was carefully designed to appeal to men. It incorporates the latest scientific approaches to weight loss, physical activity and diet.

Free, walking groups in your local area.

A free digital map to find accessible recreational and leisure greenspace anywhere in the UK.

Activity in the outdoor, helping with environmental conservation projects (various projects across Glasgow and Clyde (GGC).

Lots of useful information, hints and tips on activity and fitness at all levels.

Cycling Scotland is a national cycling promotion organisation for Scotland. 

Promotion of health and physical activity in Scotland.

Professional body for Physiotherapists in the UK.

The UK charity for everyday walking opportunities.

Self management support for musculoskeletal problems, injuries and conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints in adults.

Self management information resource to support patients recovering at home following a period of illness, including Coronavirus (Covid-19).

A registered charity with a vision for the future that everyone with lipoedema will be given an accurate diagnosis with access to an appropriate range of services and support with self management.

Physical Activity Apps

Physical activity apps are becoming more popular and are a quick and convenient way to track how much activity is in your day.  There are many apps that you can download on your smart phone. Some are free and very easy to use. 

Food and exercise tracking, barcode scanner, large food database with >6+million foods including restaurants menus. The app can connect with popular apps and devices such as – Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, Fitbit.  The app allows you to share your progress with friends and is free.


A free walking tracker app which takes away the guess work of how active you have been. By using the sensors in your device the app records every minute of walking you do. It will then show you how much brisk walking you are doing and how you can do more. The app is easy to use and helps you set goals for the day.


Increase aerobic exercise (running, jogging) by providing an adventure mission to complete. Interval training, walking, jogging and favourite songs can also be incorporated. This app has a fee.


Tracks running and cycling. Users compare their performance on social media with friends, professionals, and network locally to find popular places to run or ride.


Tracks indoor (treadmill) or outdoor running, and coaches user to complete races (5km to marathon). Provides in-run audio feedback of mile split metrics including time miles, calories, elevation, average pace and number of runs. This app is free.


Tracks all aerobic exercise and weight loss. Synchronizes with 70 other apps including Fitbit, My Finess Pal. This app is free.


Tracks running and other aerobic exercise (biking, walking) including interval training, target pace, and challenge running. It shows the users route on a map, provided 1 mile slit times, distance, duration, speed, elevation change and calories burned. This app is free.


Workout trainer with 600 exercises: tracks running, cycling, and calories (input and output). Synchronizes with heart rate, speed, cadence, and power sensors. This app is free.


Get stronger lose weight or gain muscle mass with Fitbod! When you hit your gym or living room Fitbod’s training will guide you through the right sets, reps and weight to reach your fitness goal. For beginners strength trainers find the confidence to try new resistance exercises and gym equipment. Learn the correct movements form over 400 demonstration videos. This app has a fee.


Tracks exercises, food intake, net calories, weight and sleep. Provides weekly summaries to users featuring steps, miles, calories burned, calories consumed and weight. This app is free.


Tracks multiple aerobic and resistance exercises, including running, cycling, cardio, jogging, walking, and gym workouts. For outdoor activities, it provides pace, elevation, calories burned, and split times. This app is free.

Tracks workouts and motivates through extensive social network sharing. Expert guidance with virtual coaches is available, and team fitness routines can be chosen. This app is free.

Creates customises weight loss plan based on user’s goals (weight, body fat, hydration, sleep, exercise, nutrients, hip to waist ratio measurements). It accurately tracks food calories and calories burned with exercise. This app is free.

Takes a non exerciser and prepares them to run a 5km (3.1mile) race in 3 months. Includes a training plan, 4 different motivating virtual coaches, real human audio cues, together with their favourite playlists. This app is free.

Run, ride, hike and more. If you like to go out for a run, ride or hike or any adventure outside you will love relive and it is free.  Just go out, track you activity, take some photos and enjoy the moment. Finished? Time to create your video! Your outdoor activities have never looked so cool. Relive works with just your phone as well as with many other tracker apps like Apple Health. See your route in a 3D landscape share your videos on Facebook, Instagram and more. This app is free.

Track and map every walk with MapMyWalk. For every mile you go you will get feedback and stats to help you improve your performance. Use the routes feature to find nearby places to walk and it can connect to My Fitness Pal. This app is free.