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Overseas Travel Vaccinations

As from 1st April 2022 the way travel health advice and vaccination is delivered has changed. The new GP contract means that GP’s no longer deliver any travel health vaccines and the responsibility for this has transferred to health boards.

Where to get Travel Health Advice in NHSGGC

NHSGGC delivers its travel health services via City Doc and Emcare.

City Doc

City Doc provides travel health advice, risk assessment and vaccination.



Emcare provides travel health advice, risk assessment and vaccination in North West Glasgow.


Getting your Travel Advice, Risk Assessment and Vaccination

It is really important that you seek travel advice in adequate time before you travel. Some vaccines take time to work so we would advise you to contact services a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks in advance to allow us to accommodate your needs and ensure you are fully protected before you travel.

We are not able to offer appointments for NHS vaccines less than 7 days in advance of travel unless this is due to an emergency. To accommodate travel in less than 7 days then appointment can be made privately with one of our providers or another provider of your choosing.

Costs and Payment

Please note that some vaccines and services are chargeable. There are 4 vaccines available on the NHS for which there is no charge: Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio (DPT), Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Cholera. 

You will be offered these vaccines based on the recommendations and your individual risk assessment for the country you are travelling to and the type of travel you are undertaking.

Other travel vaccinations are provided at a cost to the traveller. Our providers will discuss these costs fully with you and you can decide to have these vaccines from one of our providers or a private provider of your choice. E.g. Malaria Prescription, Yellow Fever Vaccination.

You can find local travel clinics via the NHS inform website.

Travelling Abroad

Many of us travel abroad particularly now that Covid restrictions have been lifted. There has been a significant increase in travelling over the last decade or so with many of us travelling to more far flung destinations and as a result there has been an increase in travel relation illness and death which is preventable. Before you contact either of our providers it is important that you check out the information below. Fit for Travel has a wealth of information to make your plans easier and prepare for safe travel whilst enjoying your travel whether that is business or pleasure. It is important that you get the right advice at the right time and at the right place before you travel.

Vaccination and disease advice by location

Further travel advice