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Travel Medicine at the Brownlee Centre


The Brownlee Travel Clinic is situated in the Brownlee Outpatients Department, lower ground, Brownlee Centre, Gartnavel General Hospital, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 0YN.

  • The Travel Clinic is open on Wednesdays only between 09:30 and 12:30am and can only accept patients who live in the Great Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area.

Which Services are Available at the Travel Clinic?

The clinic offers both pre-travel advice and post-travel assessment of travellers who have returned unwell

Post-Travel Clinic

Returning travellers who are acutely unwell should contact their GP, NHS 111 or A&E.

Returning travellers who are not acutely unwell will be assessed but require a referral from a hospital doctor or from your GP. 

  • No self-referrals will be accepted.

Pre-Travel Clinic

The Brownlee Pre-Travel Clinic is an appointment only service.

Appointments for pre-travel advice, vaccinations and antimalarial prescriptions are offered to travellers with complex itineraries and/or underlying health conditions that may require specialist advice, for example travellers who are:

  • travelling to tropical areas and crossing 2 or more international borders
  • travelling for the purpose of volunteering or humanitarian work
  • travelling for occupational reasons
  • travelling for 6 months or more
  • pregnant or planning pregnancy prior to or during travel
  • immunosuppressed or who are pre-immunosuppression

Whilst some vaccines are free of charge in line with current Health Board regulations there are some other vaccines and anti-malarial tablets that would incur a charge. This can be discussed whilst at your appointment.

  • Debit or Credit cards are accepted for payment.
  • Payment will be requested for each vaccine you receive on that day.
  • You should be aware that, for some vaccines, multiple doses are required to get sufficient protection and it is necessary to spread these over a number of weeks.

Services that are NOT available at the Travel Clinic

The Brownlee Travel Clinic does not provide telephone advice to members of the public.

  • Country by country advice for the public is available on the fitfortravel website.

The Brownlee Travel Clinic does not provide telephone advice for travel health professionals.

  • Travel health professionals should direct queries to Public Health Scotland’s Travel Health Advice Line on 0141 300 1130 (Friday 9.30 – 11.30) or use the FAQs or forum on the TRAVAX website.

How can I make an appointment at the Brownlee Pre-Travel Clinic?

To ensure you will be offered an appointment you should either:

  • Call NHSinform Helpline 0800 22 44 88 if you do not have internet access


  • Access the website fitfortravel at
    • Click on the link ‘What do I need to know before I travel?’
  • You should read the information on this page and then follow the link for Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board
    • We cannot offer appointments to people outside Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Overseas Travel Vaccinations webpage lists the non-specialist travel clinics within Greater Glasgow and Clyde (see below).
    • These clinics will advise you of whether you are suitable to attend the Brownlee Pre-Travel Clinic.
  • If you are advised to attend this service please tel: 0141 211 1074
    • Please note that the travel clinic operates within a busy infectious disease outpatient department.

Non-Specialist Travel Clinics in Greater Glasgow and Clyde

North Glasgow:

Emcare Travel Clinic

Call: 0141 816 1002

If you live in any other area of NHSGGC please contact:


Call: 0141 673 3003