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General Vaccinations

As from 1st April 2022 the way vaccination is delivered has changed. The new GP contract means that GP’s no longer deliver any vaccinations (both children and adults) and the responsibility for this has transferred to health boards.

Childhood Vaccinations

Our childhood teams deliver all our vaccinations to children 0-6, primary and secondary school children. This covers the age range of 0-18 years. Babies and children age 0-6 will be appointed and you as parent or carer will receive an appointment through the post to attend your local community clinic for your child’s vaccination. The appointment letter will also provide you with a telephone number to reschedule your appointment if required.

Primary and Secondary school children will be vaccinated in school. Children will be provided with a consent form for you as a parent/carer to sign and the school will send information to you on the Vaccinations taking place. If your child is off sick on the day of vaccination the school’s team will ensure your child is vaccinated if consent is in place. To facilitate this the team will ensure they are included in the future vaccination programme. This may be within the next school term or following school year group depending on the vaccination being given,

If your child is home schooled and has missed out on any vaccinations and you with them to be vaccinated. Then please ask your GP Practice to refer you to the Child Vaccination Team for this. On receipt of the referral the team will be in touch with you to arrange this.

Adult Vaccinations


Pneumococcal disease is the term used to describe infections caused by the bacteria Streptococcus Pneumoniae (Pneumococcus). The Pneumococal Vaccine PPV23 is offered to all adults aged 65 and over. NHS GGC is responsible for organising Penumococcal Vaccination for its population aged 65 and over. NHS GGC will locally contact individuals eligible for the Pneumococcal Vaccination. There is no need to do anything to receive your vaccine and your will be called to your appointment automatically.


Shingles is caused by a virus known as latent Varicella Zoster. The primary infection usually occurs in childhood and causes Chickenpox (Varicella). Shingles Vaccination is recommended for those aged 70 -79. NHS GGC is responsible for organising Shingles Vaccination for their population. NHS GGC will locally contact individuals eligible for Shingles Vaccination. There is no need to do anything to receive your vaccine and you will be called for your appointment automatically.

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy women are offered seasonal flu vaccine (Sept to March) together with Pertussis Vaccine at 16 weeks of pregnancy (Whooping Cough). This is delivered to all pregnant women through Maternity Services. If you think you may have missed this then please speak to your Midwife.

All Other Vaccines

During Adult life sometimes we require other vaccines or repeated courses of vaccines if you have undergone or are about to undergo a transplant, chemotherapy or have been exposed to a blood borne virus or had a dog or human bite. These Vaccinations will be arranged via your Consultant or GP. You may also require a vaccine as you missed some vaccines during childhood. Your GP or Consultant will refer you for any vaccinations required. The Vaccination Service will arrange for the vaccines required and contact you with an appointment. We will do this on receipt of your referral. Those about to or undergoing treatment or who have been exposed to a blood borne virus will be prioritised over routine referrals. You do not need to do anything to receive your vaccination our contact centre will be in touch with an appointment.