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What we do?

The R&I Finance team actively contributes to the delivery of clinical research and innovation projects, working closely with research teams, coordinators and project managers to:

  • Secure funding for research and innovation projects in line with ACORD national research costing guidelines
  • Provide robust financial management of research and innovation contracts – typically milestone or recruitment driven
  • Provide timely financial advice and business support to research active professionals across NHSGGC.

Who does what?

Sandra Quinn – Head of R&I Finance

Brenda Colvin – Senior R&I Accountant

Joanne Henderson – Senior R&I Accountant

BCRF Portfolio (ON; HM; MG)*

Nicole Brown – Lead R&I Accountant

Polina Ferguson – R&I Accountant

Teri Otto – R&I Accountant

Paul Kerins – R&I Accountant

GCRF Portfolio (A-Z excluding ON; HM; MG)*

Andrew Mair – Lead R&I Accountant

Lee Irvine – Lead R&I Accountant

Alison McKenzie – R&I Accountant

Karen Hyslop – R&I Accountant

Tracie Coote – R&I Accountant

*NOTE: Portfolios are based on Activity Areas from the R&I project reference

The R&I Finance Team can be found at the following address:

R&I Finance Department

Ward 16

Dykebar Hospital

Grahamston Road

Paisley, PA2 7DE

Scotland, UK