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CRIF Approval Group:

Email: (Abbey Rea)

Tracey Hopkins
Lead Research Radiographer
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Call: 0141 201 2455

CRIF Approval Group for MR Optimisation

Research often involves new MR imaging techniques, and optimisation of these techniques is essential before they can be successfully applied in clinical studies. The CRIF Approval Group is responsible for reviewing and approving requests for access to the research scanners for technical development and proof of principle MR research projects. Researchers requesting optimisation of imaging study protocols will complete a CRIF Development Application Form and submit to CRIF Approval Group.  The CRIF ApprovalGroup will assess both the scientific aspects of the protocol as well as conduct an ethical review under delegated authority from the main REC. The CRIF Approval Group meet monthly.

Useful documents (hyperlinks):

Volunteers Needed for MRI Scans

The MRI Research Team at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is looking for volunteers to undergo an MRI scan so that we can test and optimise new techniques before they are used in clinical research studies.

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