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​iMatter is the NHS Scotland Staff Experience continuous improvement tool, developed nationally, and used within all NHSScotland Boards. 

iMatter is designed to help individuals, teams, Directorates, Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) and Boards, understand and improve staff experience. This is a term used to describe the extent to which employees feel motivated, supported and cared for at work. It is reflected in levels of engagement, motivation and productivity.

The process is based on a staff engagement questionnaire which all staff are asked to respond to, which generates a Team Report. The team discusses the report and agrees the team strength along with up to 3 improvement actions. This improvement plan is captured on a team ‘Storyboard’ which the team then uses to monitor progress. The process is then completed annually.

Useful Information and Reports

National Staff Experience Reports

iMatter Supporting Documents

1. Questionnaire
2. Action Planning

Please note, actions plans should be completed for all teams. The below documents are designed to support the action planning process, however please get in touch at if you require any further support.

3. Line Manager Support
4. Employee Engagement Index (EEI) score
5. Paper copies


For any questions, support or guidance regarding iMatter, or if you would like to share any iMatter success stories, please contact the iMatter mailbox at

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