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Patients, Hospital Appointments and Visiting

We encourage and support people to stay connected to those who matter most in their lives while they are in hospital.

This page provides details of current visiting arrangements in place, and guidance and safety measures everyone needs to follow.

Scottish Government general guidance

Before coming to hospital, you may be asked to self-isolate for a period to ensure you are COVID-19 free on the day. Further information and current guidance is available on the Scottish Government website:

Information about Visiting

Patients, families and staff across NHSGGC hospitals are now able to benefit from Person Centred Visiting.

Person Centred Visiting means we will work together with patients, family members and staff so that care is in line with the following core principles:

Person Centred Visiting Core Principles

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I visit?

Please speak to the person you are visiting, and the ward, about when would be good for you to visit. Ward phone numbers are available here

Eating is a social occasion – family, friends and carers are welcome to visit at mealtimes to offer encouragement.

How many people can visit?

In most circumstances we ask that there are no more than 2 visitors at a time at the bedside (these visitors can change). This is to help make the environment as restful as possible, and to minimise the risk of infection. There may be times when you want and need more than two people at a time by your side. The nurse in charge will be happy to discuss this with you.

Children are welcome; they do need to be supervised at all times.

Can I phone the ward to find out how a relative or friend is doing?

Yes. If possible, it helps enormously if one family members is identified to be the key hospital contact and then takes responsibility to share information with other family and friends as appropriate.

Please note there is a limit to what information we can give over the phone, and who we can give this information to.

Do I still need to take a Lateral Flow Device Test before I visit?

We strongly encourage you to take a Lateral Flow Device Test before each visit, and only visit if this is negative.

Lateral Flow tests can be ordered from the Scottish Government website or by phoning 119.

Do I still need to wear a face mask when I visit?

People in hospital are particularly vulnerable to the risk of infection. Therefore, unless exempt, we strongly recommend that you wear a face mask throughout your visit.

What other safety measures do I need to follow?
  • Please use hand gel on arrival, departure and when you come into contact with surfaces during your visit.
  • Please don’t visit if you feel unwell.
  • Please use the toilets for the public (not for patients or staff) where you can. 
What visiting arrangements are in place in outpatient areas or emergency departments?

Person Centred Visiting is in place across NHSGGC, including outpatient areas and emergency departments.

Please see the rest of this page for information about Person Centred Visiting.

My family member or friend is particularly vulnerable to the risk of infection; what visiting arrangements are in place for them?

Patients where there is a particularly high risk of infection will continue to have visiting arrangements discussed as part of their individual risk assessments. Ward staff will be happy to discuss these with you.

A ward is closed due to an outbreak of an infection; what visiting arrangements are in place there?

In wards where an outbreak of infection is being managed, essential visiting may be temporarily introduced to help protect patients, family members and staff until the situation is resolved.

Further Information

Hospital visiting leaflet

This leaflet provides visitors and patients with information about how hospital visiting will be managed at this time.

For those whose first language is not English, the leaflet is available in the other languages
Information for staff

This link provides staff with further information, guidance and resources to support the local implementation of NHSGGC visiting guidance.

Person Centred Virtual Visiting

This link provides further information, guidance and resources for those who are looking to have a virtual visit with someone in hospital.