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The induction programme is for all community staff working within the Glasgow City area. For Induction information in your area, please contact your line manager.

To access the Induction documentation please email

The 6 steps of Induction

Welcome to the District Nursing Induction portal for Glasgow City HSCP.

If you are a new member of staff, working within a District Nursing team within Glasgow City HSCP, you’ve come to the right place!

A new member of staff includes both ‘new to the organisation’, ‘new to the role’ or if you have moved to the same role within a different base/locality.

Getting Started

There is a lot to get your head around when starting in a new role within District Nursing.  For this reason, we run monthly induction sessions which all new members of staff must attend.

You can access the booking information below.

Once you have completed your induction day, you may wish to come back to this page to get the most up to date induction documents, or to use as a point of reference.

Everything you need to know is below

The 6 steps of Induction

Step 1

Step 1 of induction is an organisational welcome video. This should be watched by all new staff, irrespective of previous roles or experience. The video is approx. 6 minutes long and can be accessed below

Click here for the video 

Learning Needs Analysis is a self assessment of your transferrable skills and competencies which you should complete alongside your line manager on your first 2 weeks of starting your new post. All new staff must complete a Learning Needs Analysis. A completed copy of this should also be sent to your NTL.  

Important: To download the Learning Needs Analysis, please right click and
select ‘save link as…’ on the following link: Learning Needs Analysis

Step 2

From day 1, you and your line manager will begin working through the induction checklist.  This discusses everything from department orientation, health & safety, professional development, PDP, job role, information governance, confidentiality, awareness of policies & NHSGGC expectations of staff.

You will have 12 weeks to complete the induction checklist and it can be accessed here.

Step 3

As part of your role, you are required to complete all relevant statutory and mandatory training via Learnpro. You can access Learnpro here.

Below is a full list of all statutory & mandatory learnpro modules you must complete.  Theses should be prioritised and must be completed within the first 12 weeks of your employment.

Name of ModuleLocation on LearnProFrequency
GGC: 001 Fire SafetyStatutory / Mandatory2 years
GGC: 002 Health and Safety, An IntroductionStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 003 Reducing Risks of Violence & AggressionStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 004 Equality, Diversity and Human RightsStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 005 Manual Handling Theory 
(Link in with your local Moving & Handling assessor as you will need to do annual practical competencies each year)
Statutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 006 Public Protection (Adult & Child)Statutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 007 Standard Infection Control PrecautionsStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 008 Security & ThreatStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 009 Safe Information Handling – FoundationStatutory / Mandatory3 years
GGC: 061 Management of Needlestick & Similar InjuriesRole Specific Mandatory Modules           2 years
GGC: 063 Managing Skin Care for Responsible PersonRole Specific Mandatory Module2 years
Scottish IPC Education Pathway – Foundation: Prevention and Management of Occupational ExposureInfection Prevention and ControlNot Specified
Scottish IPC Education Pathway – Foundation: Hand HygieneInfection Prevention and ControlNot Specified

GGC: 270 An Overview of Malnutrition Role Specific Not Specified

GGC: 271 Assessing Risk Of Malnutrition Role Specific Not Specified

GGC: 273 Food First Strategies – Community Role Specific Not Specified

Step 4

Step 4 only needs to be completed by HCSW staff.  If you are not a HCSW, move on to Step 5.

The HCSW Induction Book is designed to support you in your new role and should be completed within the first 12 weeks of employment.  You can access this book here.

Step 5

Once you have completed Steps 1-4, your line manager should now sign off the first part of your induction here.

Steps 1 – 5 should be completed within the first 12 weeks of your employment.  If there are any reasons why this cannot be achieved, you must inform your Nurse Team Leader at the earliest opportunity.

Step 6

Steps 1 – 5 represent a basic induction which is completed by all staff within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Step 6 is the final part of your induction process which is geared towards a more ‘role specific’ approach. Within this final part of induction will be a more detailed approach to knowledge and skills required for this specific speciality within nursing.

This document should be started from Day 1 of your employment, however you have 12 months to complete this part of your induction.

Please access your book here  (Important: To save this to your computer, right click this link, and select “Save link as” – save this somewhere on your computer that is easy to find.  You can then open it on your computer and fill this in as you go.  If you fill this in online, it may not save properly).

Available Dates and New Staff Member Guidance

My name is Susan Kenmore and I am the Practice Development Support Nurse who is here to support you through the next 12 months of your induction. My main aims are to get you started on your induction journey, giving you the confidence and tools you need to get the best start out of your new career.  

As you’ll see from the illustration above, there is a lot for you to get through and in a fairly short space of time. With this in mind, below, is a list of sessions available for Induction Study Dates, and I would recommend you or your line manager book you onto the date closest to your start date of your new post to ensure you achieve everything with plenty of time to spare.

Staff Induction Training Dates

Due to the restrictions in place, Induction will be conducted via MS Teams therefor please ensure you have access to the MS Teams application prior to booking.  

Training times: 9.30am – 4.30pm

2022 Dates



9th August

25th August

These will be held on MS Teams, 9:30am until 4:30pm and are limited to 10 spaces so be quick!

What’s included in the Induction Training Days?

If you have any problems accessing any of these dates, or any induction queries, please send me an email at

Manager Guidance

As a line manager, there are 4 key steps to inducting your new member of staff. Click on the link below and follow the guidance to begin the induction process. You should begin these steps once you have a start date for your new member of staff.

Please use the Manager support document to prepare for the new staff Guidance for District Charge Nurses To induct new members of staff. You should start to plan induction post interview in order to prepare robust induction for first 4 weeks. This document will also give you a suggested induction template. 

Need any help, support or advice?  Please feel free to contact Susan Kenmore (Practice Development Support Nurse) via email on

Line Manager Guidance

As a line manager, your first step is to book your new staff member onto the Induction Training day with Practice Development.  Try to book the date closest to your staff members start date via the link below.

The Induction day will run from 9.30am – 4.30pm

What’s included in the Induction Training Day?

  • 6 Steps of Induction (see banner at top of page)
    This will get your staff member started on their mandatory completion of the 6 steps. Steps 1 – 5 should be completed within 12 weeks of employment/training day, and step 6 must be completed within 12 months.
  • Safe Use of Clinical Sharps Training
  • SEPSIS Training
  • Record Keeping Training
  • CNIS Training
  • NHS Principals and Values (previously Values & Behaviours)
  • NHSGGC Policies (including Datix, Fair Warning, Safe Use of Clinical Sharps)
  • Specialist Subjects including:
    • Tissue Viability (Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Wound Formulary, First Dressings, Basic Wound Care)
    • Vascular (Introduction to leg ulcers)
    • Catheter Care (Introduction & Problem Solving)
    • Palliative Care (Introduction & Documentation)
    • District Nursing Medication Administration (DTA, Stock Recording, Medication Administration sheets)
    • Diabetic Care (Introduction)
Line Manager Steps 2 – 4

Step 2

Your next step, is to download and save a copy of the Learning Needs Self Assessment.  This should be done within your new staff members first 2 weeks of employment.  This is aimed at finding out what skills and competencies your staff member brings with them to the role, and what they need further support with.  Your staff member should complete this themselves, and you should review this with them and plan training according to their needs, and the needs of your caseload.

IMPORTANT: To download the Learning Needs Analysis, please right click and
select ‘save link as…’ on the following link: Learning Needs Analysis

Step 3

Before your staff member attends the induction study day, they should complete the following Learnpro’s for ‘Safe Use of Clinical Sharps’ in order to be signed off for this at the induction day.  If they can’t complete this before the study day, they can still attend but you will be required to sign them off once the learnpros are completed.

  • GGC: Management of Needlestick and similar injuries
  • GGC: Managing Skin Care for Professional Persons
  • Infection Prevention and Control – NES: Prevention and Management of Occupational Exposure.

Step 4

Now that your new staff member has successfully completed the induction day, they are now fully informed of the 6 steps of induction detailed below.

Your role is now to support them over the next 12 weeks for steps 2 – 5, and 12-18 months for the Step 6 DN Role Specific Induction.

Step 2 – When your staff member returns, you will be expected to begin signing off their STEP 2 induction Checklist.  The checklist has items to be signed off on ‘Day 1’, ‘Week 1’, ‘Month 1’ etc, so please ensure you pay close attention to these timings.  This must be completed within 12 weeks of employment/attendance at induction training day.

For Step 3 – you should allocate your staff member time to complete all statutory and mandatory learnpro modules over the next 12 weeks and confirm completion.

Step 4 – HCSW’s will have been given an overview of their workbook they are required to complete within 12 weeks, and you should allocate some time each week to go through their progress and ensure they are on track to complete this.

Step 5 – At the 12 week mark, your staff member should have completed all of the above steps, and you can now CLICK HERE to go to the corporate induction sign off page.  This should take 1-2 minutes to complete.

Finally, Step 6 is the Nursing Learning Education and Development Framework – Older Adult services and has a stronger focus on clinical skills that new members of staff are expected to undertake within their role. This also forms part of their PDP / TURAS, and you should encourage them to attend training to ensure competency and sign off each skill once complete.  This should be completed within 18 months of employment.

Specialist Services

Community Nursing means linking in with various services to assist with implementing the best care into your practice. Click the button below and find out how these services can do just that.