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South Glasgow Biochemistry

The South Glasgow Biochemistry Service comprises a main Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus (QEUH and Royal Hospital for Children, RHC) along with a satellite blood science laboratory at the Victoria ACH. The Biochemistry service operates from the new QEUH Laboratory Building (no 15 on campus map) and Specialist Metabolic work and Toxicology Services for NHS GG&C have centralised to this site. 

South Glasgow Biochemistry services are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS Medical Accreditation number is 9569 (accredited to ISO 15189:2012), issue date 21.01.22 and our certificate of accreditation is available to view.  A full list of tests in scope can be found on our schedule of accreditation.  Tests not on this list are not accredited; please contact the laboratory for further information if required. Upon sending samples to the laboratory, please refer to our terms and conditions.

We  are committed to providing a quality service to users.  We welcome feedback and survey users on an annual basis to assess satisfaction with the service and highlight possible areas for improvement.  For feedback on our service, please contact our Quality Manager, contact details for senior staff can be found in the laboratory handbook (below).

Latest News
  • New National Guidance on GP requesting for certain laboratory tests can be found HERE
  • During periods of TrakCare downtime, Biochemistry requests need to be made on paper request forms. These can be ordered through PECOS and a pdf copy is available for download and printing HERE 
  • All Blood Gas analysers (GEM 5000) are now located solely within  clinical areas within the main hospital campus, positioned according to current clinical need. A list of all locations is available at each blood gas analyser. We do not have the facility to carry out Blood Gas analysis within the laboratory
Contact Information

The Main laboratory contact  number is : 0141 354 9060 (89060 for use within the hospital). An auto-attendant system is in operation to route your call more effectively. Please listen carefully to the new message which will direct you as follow:

1) All results and add on tests, press 1 
2) Information on all sample requirements, press 2 
3) For advice on Blood Gas or Blood Glucose analysers, press 3 
4) For interpretation of results, clinical advice and  emergency requests, press 4 

In addition to the telephone options there are two email accounts which will be answered Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00,  which are available for specific, non-urgent requests, processed at the QEUH:

    • for NON-urgent add on tests for Biochemistry samples sent to the South Glasgow Biochemistry laboratory only.
    • You must include the following information in your email : CHI Number/DOB, surname, Date and Time of original sample, original location of sample, Test/Analysis to be added on.
  • – this is an email for Non-Urgent Clinical Advice
    • Please include your query as well as the full patient details
    • for NON- urgent enquiries about point of care Blood Gas and Blood Glucose systems based in the QEUH, RHC, New Victoria, Mearnskirk and Leverndale Hospital

Our address is :

Department of Biochemistry,
Level 1, Laboratory Medicine and Facilities Management  Building,
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital,
1345 Govan Road,
G51 4TF

Laboratory Opening Hours

The main service hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 12.30pm Saturday, Sunday and  Public holidays (9am to 5pm Mon-Fri only for satellite Blood Sciences Lab at New Victoria ACH). Outwith these hours a reduced analytical service is provided. 

Out of Hours Service

For requests outwith the working day, a limited repertoire of urgent analyses can be undertaken as an emergency.  The BMS on duty can be contacted on Page 17684 (QEUH). 

A consultant is always available for advice. Outside working hours he/she may be contacted via the hospital switchboard.

Service Handbooks and Reference Ranges

In our Laboratory Handbook you will find comprehensive information regarding the use of the Biochemistry service, including information on  test repertoire, specimen requirements, urgent requests and details of specialist assays available. Special advice on tests/investigations can also be found within our Metabolic  Handbook. GP users across GG&C can find additional guidance in the General Practice Handbook. We provide comprehensive reference ranges for our tests. These are available when accessing results via Trakcare and Clinical portal/SCI store and are also printed on Biochemistry Report forms. Information on reference ranges is also provided within our Laboratory Handbook. Interpretative comments are also provided on reports, where appropriate. For more detailed reference range data and for further interpretation of results, please contact the  Department. Reference ranges will be regularly reviewed and amended as required.

South Glasgow Biochemistry Laboratory Handbook

South Glasgow Biochemistry Metabolic Handbook

NHSGGC Biochemistry General Practice Handbook

Other Guidance

Information on the services provided by the Toxicology Service at the QEUH can be found HERE

As part of the revised colorectal patient pathway, the QFIT test can now be ordered through ICE (as from 3.9.18). General guidance is available for GP’s and bitesize learning sessions are available to GP practices . Guidance on QFIT testing including information  for patients is available on the GGC Biochemistry QFIT page.   

Additional guidance on Tumour markers (guidance for the non specialist on the appropriate use of commonly requested tumour markers) is now available in the form of a ‘tumour marker bookmark’. This has been recently released by the Scottish Clinical Biochemistry  Network (SCBN), with the backing of the Royal College of Pathologists and the Realistic Medicine Program.