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Travel and Car Parking

Adverse Weather

 Please find attached Interim National Arrangements for Adverse Weather. This has been designed to ensure that in periods of adverse weather NHS Scotland adopts an approach that is consistent at a national level, ensuring that fair and equitable treatment is prioritised and that we remain able to effectively deliver essential services. The guidance has been developed in partnership with NHS Scotland through consultation between Scottish Government Officials, NHS Scotland employers and Trade Unions.

The Adverse Weather Policy applies to all employees of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde including Bank staff.

Business Travel

NHSGGC is committed to reducing the financial and environmental impact arising from its business travel.  Where possible, the aim of this policy is to encourage employees to reduce unnecessary travel and encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport. However, the Board recognises that sometimes there is no alternative to using a car for business travel and this policy is not intended to impede business travel where it is required nor to restrict car use where it is the most appropriate mode of transport for business purposes. Neither is this policy intended to be applied to the detriment of those employees with restricted mobility. This policy applies to all staff employed by NHSGGC.

Top Tips on using the Business Travel Policy…….

  • Before undertaking any journey, staff should consider the Business Travel Hierarchy.
  • Reflect on the need to travel for business purposes.
  • Walking and cycling are healthy, sustainable and very low cost travel options. Staff should be encouraged to consider alternative travel options if their role can facilitate this approach.
  • Bus, train and SPT subway travel provide an alternative to car-based business travel for short, medium and long distances.
  • Many car trips could be avoided if staff coordinated travel plans and shared cars, for example, when attending the same meeting. An additional mileage rate for each passenger is paid.


Car Parking

Car Parking on Hospital Sites

This policy outlines the arrangements for car parking on hospital sites. These arrangements are designed to balance the needs of staff, patients and visitors and ensure car parks continue to be fairly and effectively managed.

The policy details arrangements for visitor and patient parking, staff with parking permits and other staff parking.