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Illness and injury at work

Dying to Work Charter

The Dying to Work Campaign was setup by a trade union member who received a terminal illness diagnosis and went on to try and ensure support for others in the workplace. The name was established by the campaign and supported by the TUC. You can see more of how it came about and those supporting through the link below.

 The Dying to Work Campaign | Dying to Work

Sadly, some of our staff are diagnosed with a terminal illness during their working lives. It is therefore vital that as an employer we work to try and remove any additional stress and worry.

The Dying to Work Charter was adopted by NHSScotland in March 2021, and endorsed by NHSGGC Chief Executive and Employee Director.  It sets out an agreed way in which our staff will be supported, protected and guided throughout their employment, following a terminal diagnosis.

We will ensure that staff with life-limiting illness are not dismissed because of their condition unless leaving would benefit them, for instance to release a pension. We will provide job and financial security at a time of considerable personal stress and uncertainty and provide support and understanding.

The Charter is about choice. It’s about giving staff options on how they want to proceed at work and also provides guidance for Managers on how they can best support their staff.

Injury Allowance Procedure and Guidance

This section provides procedure, guidance and associated documentation for injury allowance. Please contact the HR Support and Advice Unit if you wish clarification on this procedure or any further advice.



NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde staff who are injured or become ill due to their NHS employment may qualify for Injury Allowance if their pay is reduced as a result of their health problems. 

Eligibility is dependent on certain conditions being met.  Details on this and how to apply can be found in the Board’s Injury Allowance Procedure. 

Further information is also available in the Injury Allowance Guidance for Employees.


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