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Course Overview:

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is committed to providing a positive security culture throughout the organisation and to ensure personal safety at all times of patients, residents, staff and visitors. We have produced this short e-module in line with changes in legislation and to help ensure we embed security principles within our workforce.

Learning Outcomes; By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of the UK Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST)
  • Keep secure door codes confidential so that they are only known by those that require them for regular discharge of their duties
  • Observe all personal safety and security rules at all times as described in the NHSGGC Security and Threat Policy
  • Challenge those persons not wearing photographic identification badges unless to do so would place them at risk
  • Wear an up to date photographic identification badge at all time during work
  • Understand the process for reporting and recording Security incidents at a local level
  • Understand the vulnerability factors that can make individuals susceptible to radicalisation or a risk to others and can seek advice from if they have concerns about an individual who may be being groomed into terrorist activity
  • Ensure passwords and login details are kept secure at all times
  • Access the NHSGGC Security and Threat Policy for further information

Course Provider; This course can be accessed online via LearnPro

Who should attend; All NHSGGC employees are required to complete this course

Pre-requisites; No pre-requisites required

Duration;  Self-directed learning but should take approximately 40 minutes

KSF Links:

  • C1 – Communication
  • C3 – Health, Safety and Security
  • C4 – Service Improvement
  • C5 – Quality

e-Learning; Security and Threat training is delivered via LearnPro. You will find it under the Statutory/ Mandatory tab on your front page.