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Safe Information Handling (Information Governance)

Course Overview; This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of the Data Protection Act, 1998 and an understanding of your obligations to keep personal identifiable data confidential and secure.

Learning Outcomes; By the end of the course delegates will be able to identify:

  • Store, transport and transfer Board records and data (including health records, staff records and sensitive corporate information) securely and effectively
  • Understand the safe use of information and communication technology
  • Inform individuals about the use of their data
  • Understand the circumstances when consent should be sought prior to obtaining and using personal data
  • Verify recorded data using processes for positive patient identification
  • Record personal information accurately and consistently
  • Ensure that recorded information is relevant and not excessive
  • Use patient related data to support the delivery and management of healthcare
  • Understand the circumstances in which information may be used for healthcare support purposes such as clinical audit and service monitoring
  • Identify circumstances when personal data can, should and must be shared
  • Respond appropriately to requests for all recorded information held by the Board, demonstrating awareness of access to information legislation and local compliance requirements
  • Understand and apply rules for appropriate authorised access to personal and other sensitive data
  • Ensure that conversations in relation to sensitive or personal information, whether face to face or by telephone, take place in an appropriate area.

Course Provider; This course can be accessed online via LearnPro

Who should attend; All NHSGGC employees are required to complete this course

Pre-requisites; None

Duration; Self-directed learning but should take approximately 40 minutes

KSF Links:

  • G1 – Learning and Development
  • C2 – Personal and People Development
  • IK3 – Knowledge and Information Resources

e-Learning; Safe Information Handling – Foundation training is delivered via LearnPro. You will find it under the Statutory/Mandatory tab on your front page.