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Course Overview; To support staff to work in a person-centred, anti-discriminatory way. This training will tie in with and support the staff facing +Ve Campaign.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be better informed about HIV
  • Be able to outline the role stigma plays in relation to attitudes towards patients with HIV
  • Be aware of the effect of stigma and the impact on patients of stigmatising practice
  • Be confident of what constitutes anti-discriminatory, inequalities sensitive practice and their responsibility to deliver it

Course provider; Sexual Health Advisers

Who should attend; All NHSGGC staff

Pre requisites; There are no pre requisites for this course

Duration; 3 Hours

KSF Links:

  • Core 1 – Communication
  • Core 2 – Personal and People Development
  • Core 4 – Service Improvement

To book a place by telephone: 0141 211 8634
To book a place by email:
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