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Core Statutory and Mandatory Programme

From February 2018 onwards Statutory Mandatory training is delivered via LearnPro.

9 Core Topics have been agreed that all staff must undertake:

  • GGC001  Fire Safety                              
  • GGC002  Health and Safety, An Introduction
  • GGC003  Reducing Risks of Violence & Aggression
  • GGC004  Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • GGC005  Manual Handling Theory
  • GGC006  Public Protection – (Adult Support & Protection and Child Protection)
  • GGC007  Standard Infection Control Precautions
  • GGC008  Security and Threat
  • GGC009  Safe Information Handling

The review period for these courses is every three years with the exception of Fire Safety which is every year. 

You can access LearnPro by clicking here.

Moving forward all NHSGGC LearnPro courses will be numbered from 001-999. This is to help with identification of courses and to prevent confusion where course titles are similar in name. Course names will not be changed and are still searchable in the same way. An updated list of all courses and course titles will be available on HR Connect in January 2019.

As well as undertaking the Core Statutory Mandatory Training modules, you may be required to undertake Essential (Role Specific) topics depending on your role. This should be discussed with your Line Manager and agreed as part of your PDP.