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Communication Skills – Advanced

Course overview:

The training provides a structured evidence based approach to communication skills. Over the 2 days the training builds and expands on the models and theories taught during the 1 day intermediate training session. It allows participants to refresh and review their current experience of communication issues through scenario base role play, reflective practice discussions and group experiential learning techniques. Each participant will be given an opportunity to use the models and techniques, to further develop their communication skills enabling them to deal more effectively with challenging/difficult conversations.

This course is facilitated by experienced trainers and will be particularly useful for senior staff and managers who are involved in significant conversations for example, around the complexities of care, breaking bad news or decision making. 

Learning outcomes; By the end of the course delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the potential barriers to good communication and how to overcome these
  • A deeper understanding of how good facilitative communication skills achieve positive outcomes
  • The opportunity to rehearse the use of communication skills models to achieve effective person-centred conversations in a safe learning environment and at the time receive constructive feedback
  • Experienced and demonstrated the use of effective communication skills and models during difficult conversations, again in a safe learning environment
  • An action plan that will enable them to transfer their learning into practice

Course provider; Learning and Education Team

Who should attend; All Registered Nurses, AHPs (experienced band 5 and above) and Doctors who are involved in complex/ difficult/necessary conversations with patients and families.

Pre-requisites; Recommended is attendance at Communication Skills – Intermediate 1 Day Training

Duration; 2 Days

KSF Links:

  • C1 – Communication
  • C2 – Personal and People Development
  • C4 – Service Improvement
  • C5 – Quality
  • C6 – Equality and Diversity
  • G6 – People Management

To book a place, please click on the suitable dates below. 

Bookings are made using self service system so if for any reason you find yourself unable to attend, please cancel your place via the link included in your confirmation email.

If you need any information on specific course content, the venue or booking process, please do not hesitate to contact Learning and Education Support Team on 0141 278 2700 (Option 3).

e-Learning; An e-Learning option is not available for this topic via LearnPro

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