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Core Skills Training gives NHSGGC staff the chance to brush up on core writing, reading, number and computing skills used every day. The service is free and confidential. You can get help one-to-one or in a group. You may be referred by your line manager.

Benefits of workplace learning; everyone benefits from more confident and capable staff!

  • Improves staff performance, morale, adjustment to change and redeployment
  • Everyone has access to a PDP. Staff are more motivated, confident, more capable 
  • The NHS is more productive, more efficient, less wasteful and safer due to more accurate communication, paperwork, calculations
  • Quality assurance and performance, improved client relations, staff retention
NHSGGC Core Skills Support – Numeracy and Literacy

Examples of skills staff have chosen to work on:


  • Notes, letters, forms, memos, emails, newspaper and magazine articles, books
  • Work instructions, policies, invoices and orders, job training information
  • Payslip, timesheets, rotas, charts, tables, directions and timetables

Spelling and Writing

  • Writing notes, letters, emails, spelling, punctuation, grammar, using tenses 
  • Taking phone messages, organising your ideas, proof reading, filling in forms, charts, rotas, timesheets
  • Accident reports, updating files & records, support workers competency portfolio

Numbers and Calculations

  • IV drug calculations, clinical and non-clinical calculations 
  • +  ÷  −  x   % decimal points, fractions
  • Understanding and checking your payslip
  • Using the 12 and 24 hour clocks, calculating time
  • Measuring, filling in charts and tables
  • Money; paying by cash and checking your change
  • Understanding and paying bills, writing cheques
  • Understanding timetables for public transport and planning journeys
  • Fluid balance charts, height and weight conversions
  • Unit conversions (g to mg)

Need more info or want to get started? Contact:

NHSGGC Core Skills Support – Digital Literacy

Computing and the Internet, The Basics

Apart from the bespoke sessions with staff, working on general writing, reading and number skills, Core Skills training supports staff who need help to complete NHS training and study programmes, staff who have been redeployed and staff who are struggling to cope with dyslexia. We have helped Support staff with the written work required for their competency portfolio, working with them to improve spelling and grammar, essay writing and basic computing skills. Core Skills tutors also work alongside clinical staff who run the IV Therapy Education Programme. We help nurses to feel confident about calculations and number work before they sit the formal IV calculations assessment.

For staff who are new to computers the core skills tutors provide a stand alone, 2-hour Basic Computing Skills Training session at NHSGGC acute hospital sites every month in the library network training rooms. (At other NHSGGC sites according to demand, just ask!).

We have successfully trained staff in the basics of using a computer and the Internet; skills which have given staff the confidence to go on and tackle other NHS study programmes and on a day-to-day basis have helped staff become more effective at work, at home and in the community. (See links to session timetables above).

Need more info or want to get started?

Contact: Debbie Thompson, Core Skills Tutor: