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Annual Ticket Loan Schemes


  • These annual rates can save you up to 25% compared to buying your tickets weekly.
  • First Glasgow annual ticket prices frozen since 2019
  • SPT ZoneCard annual ticket prices frozen since 2020
  • Deductions are taken directly from your weekly/monthly salary saving you the initial outlay.
  • Easy one off process each year.
  • No more waiting in a queue for that weekly ticket.
  • ZoneCard – All 8 Glasgow zones for the price of just 3!!

We have different annual ticket loan schemes on offer for all substantive NHSGGC staff.

The application process for all tickets is quite similar please complete the appropriate application form and return it to or at the address provided on the form. Staff should submit applciations at least 2 weeks prior to preferred ticket start date to ensure there will be enough time for the department to process all applications in time.

Annual SPT ZoneCards

Annual SPT ZoneCards Annual tickets can be processed by SPT, but they are providing a very limited service, so all applications must be received by Travel Plan Office at least 14 days before start date.

Any member of staff wishing to submit their annual ZoneCard for refund should contact SPT. at

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has agreed to waive the administration charge saving staff yet more money. For more information just click: Ticket prices and Zone Map. Once your application form is processed, SPT will send your ticket by registered post to your home address, as per your application. There are application forms for every type of ZoneCard, please submit the correct one or it cannot be processed. 

For now, SPT have held prices at 2020 prices, so applications dated 2020 continue to be valid. 

Please note that once you have been issued your ZoneCard, SPT will not replace any lost or stolen cards, this item should be insured by the individual through their home contents insurance or similar.

First Glasgow Mobile Annual Ticket

The First Glasgow Mobile Annual Ticket Scheme offers staff the opportunity to purchase an Annual Mobile Ticket from First Glasgow and repay through their weekly/monthly salary.  Annual tickets remain at 2019 prices. M tickets are convenient and can be deactivated in event of loss/ theft. First offer two mobile ticket types, City (£499) and Network (£590) depending on what area you travel to work from, click here for the First Glasgow Map.  For application forms either click City or Network.

Please note, if you live and work in City zone then you only need to buy a City ticket however if you live in the Local zone and need to travel into or through the City zone then you will need to buy a network. 

The next date for tickets is Monday 29th August 2022. Applications for this date must be received by Travel Plan Office by Monday 15th Augst 2022. 

Mobile Ticket

  • Staff should download the First Bus app and register their details
  • Staff must provide name, email address and mobile number on the application submitted to Travel Plan Office
  • Once approved a code will be sent to them by First to the email address provided on the application form and linked to their account
  • The staff member will access the system using the code provided to activate their mobile ticket
First Glasgow NHS staff discount

NHSGGC staff can benefit from a 10% discount on First Bus 4 weekly season tickets, direct to their mobile, through the First Bus Commuter Travel Club. NHSGGC staff can still apply for annual First Bus tickets, through salary deductions,as per the information above, but the Commuter Travel Club supplements this offer, for staff who many not wish to commit to an annual ticket.

Simply click here and follow the easy steps to register.

This link also provides a helpful list of frequently asked questions, but if you require more information on this, please contact Travel Plan Office on

ScotRail Annual Ticket 

Annual Ticket

The ScotRail Annual Ticket Scheme offers staff the opportunity to purchase an Annual Ticket from ScotRail and repay through their weekly/monthly salary. Ticket prices can be found at the Scotrail Website or from any ScotRail ticket office.  Download the application form, which also has terms and conditions. If applying for the first time, please apply for your free Smartcard first, by clicking here. Once you have your Smartcard, your annual ticket can be added remotely to your Smartcard by ScotRail. 

For non Smartcard tickets, a small charge will be payable for the delivery of your ScotRail Annual paper season ticket.

Please note that once you have been issued your ScotRail ticket, ScotRail have no obligation to replace any lost or stolen cards, this item should be insured by the individual through their home contents insurance or similar. Also you cannot purchase the ticket online and then claim back, you must follow the application process.

ScotRail Annual ticket refunds

Any refund is calculated from the date the Season Ticket was handed in. It will be the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket or tickets for the period for which you have actually used the ticket, plus a £10 administration fee. Because of the discounts on longer term Season Tickets, refunds are not made pro rata to the periods before/after surrender and Annual Season Tickets have no refund value after about 10 1/2 months. More information on refund process for season tickets is available by clicking here.

Stagecoach NHS staff discount 

Stagecoach offer a range of discounted season ticket options for NHSGGC staff via Staff Benefits. For more information, please visit Stagecoach.

Calmac Annual Ticket Scheme 

The Calmac Annual Ticket Scheme offers staff the opportunity to purchase an Annual Ticket from Calmac and repay through their weekly/monthly salary. You can download the application form and the Terms and Conditions. Once we have received your application form, we will send you out an authorisation form which you then take to the Calmac ticket office in exchange for your requested ticket.  Frequent traveller ticket information

Please note that once you have been issues your Calmac ticket, Calmac have no obligation to replace any lost or stolen cards, this item should be insured by the individual through their home contents insurance or similar. Ticket prices can be found at any Calmac Ticket Office or by calling 0800 066 5000, route information and disruptions can be found at the Calmac Website. Please note that annual Calmac Tickets cannot be purchased online, you must follow the application process. 

Public Transport – Flexible ticket options

For staff who do not wish to opt for an annual ticket, there are other options available. 

First Glasgow, Glasgow Citybus, McGill’s, ScotRail, SPT Subway & Stagecoach West provide a range of tickets that can be purchased on bus or via their apps. Generally, operators provide more ticket options and discounts via their apps. These include individual day tickets, bundles of day tickets to be used over a set period of time or ones that can be used over a longer period. These provide savings against purchasing individual tickets. For more information on the range of tickets offered, please click the appropriate link below.

Further Information

Call 0141 451 1646/1647 or email

Initiatives, storage and maps

Latest news

The Travel Plan Office can provide a range of information to help staff get more active by cycling. We will post information here on events that are scheduled.

If you would like to be added to the circulation for the Bicycle Users Group, please email

Road to RHC – Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity are again hosting a virtual ride from 1st – 21st August. Can you help them cycle 59,000km? Please visit here for more information and to sign up!

Love to Ride Glasgow Cycle September is back! Visit here for more information on how to log your rides during September to win prizes and much more.

Cycle initiatives
Cycle storage options

There are a range of cycle storage facilities at our acute sites for staff to use. Bicycles should be secured using an approved lock. Any bicycles left over a period of time will be removed to ensure availability of these facilities for those who need them on a daily basis. Guidance on how to secure your bike is available here.

For more information on changing and showering facilities, please contact the relevant Site Facilities department. For more information on cycling to work, including Cyclescheme, please contact

Gartnavel General/Royal Hospital
  • Secure cycle shelters are located at the main entrance to Gartnavel General (30 bikes) and adjacent to the Beatson (20 bikes)
  • Secure cycle shelter (10 bikes) at car park near Admin Building. 
  • Cycle racks are also located outside J B Russell House and Gartnavel Royal
  • There is also a Bike Repair stand at the secure cycle shelter at the main entrance to Gartnavel General
  • The key for the Beatson cycle shelter and Gartnavel General main entrance is available for a £5 refundable deposit. Contact the General Office, attached to the Cashiers Office in the admin corridor at Gartnavel General
  • Showers are available in the Administration building, JB Russell House and west end of West House for Gartnavel Royal and are located within staff changing areas. Please contact the respective site Facilities Management for more information.
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • Cycle racks for 50 bikes and clothing storage lockers are available internally at ground floor level within Queen Elizabeth Building (QEB) in the link corridor. The lockers require a £1 coin to operate (deposit)
  • There is also secure cycle storage at the entrances at Medical Block (30 bikes) and at New Lister Building (20 bikes), with cycle racks outside the entrance to New Lister Building, towards the rear of MacEwan Building and at the car park at A & E
  • There are also cycle pods outside New Lister Building, which are managed by the University
  • There are shower facilities available in Centre Block ground floor level near to security desk, key available from security. Showers are also available in male and female changing rooms outside wards 24 and 33 of Surgical Block. There are also female showers in the female changing rooms in QEB lower ground level.
Inverclyde Royal Hospital
  • A secure shelter for 10 bikes is located outside the main hospital entrance. Bicycle lockers are situated adjacent to the main hospital entrance area
  • There are staff changing and shower facilities available on Level ‘B’ (lower ground floor).
New Stobhill Hospital
  • Secure cycle storage is located at the main hospital at East & West entrances. Cycle racks are also located at these locations.
  • Secure cycle storage for 10 bikes at shelters at Skye House and Belmont Centre.
  • Showers are located within the staff changing area on the third floor of the main hospital.
New Victoria Hospital
  • There is a secure cycle shelter located at the main entrance to the hospital. There are cycle racks in the underground car park
  • There is also a Bike Repair stand at the secure cycle shelter at the main entrance
  • The code for the shelters is available from Facilities 
  • Changing areas with shower and locker facilities are located within the secure staff changing area on the second floor of the hospital
  • There is also a Bike Repair stand at the secure cycle shelter at the main entrance to New Victoria.
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital & Royal Hospital for Children’s Campus
  • There are various secure cycle stores at the QEUH campus: Capacity is shown in brackets
    Maternity block (10), opposite A & E entrance (20) adjacent to the Office Block (100), rear of the CMB (60), Neurological Sciences (10), Lollipop Lane (10). Click here to see the nearest cycle parking to your place of work on the campus and information on staff shower and changing facilities
  • There is also a Bike Repair stand at the “Yellow” bike shelter at car park 1, near the entrance to Children’s Hospital.
Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • A secure shelter is available at the main entrance to A & E and at the side of the Paediatric Building
  • There is also a cycle shelter situated at the top of the main patient and visitor car park
  • There are an additional cycle lockers situated between the main concourse and OT/Physio area (small external area)
  • Contact Cashiers Office at ground floor, near cafe, for access to the shelters. Simon Millar – Chair of BUG 0141 314 6609 (46609)2 can also provide support
  • Showers are available within staff changing areas within the Main Building, Theatres and Maternity.
Vale of Leven
  • A secure, enclosed cycle shed is situated across from the only bus stop on the site, which is positioned at the old entrance to the Maternity Unit 
  • There is also a cycle rack under the covered area directly behind the bus stop where bikes can be secured safely for a short period of time only.(Not overnight)
  • Changing and shower facilities are available within the male and female changing rooms
  • To obtain a key for entry to the secure bike shed a small deposit is required which should be paid to the cashier at the main entrance who will issue the key.
West Glasgow ACH
  • Secure cycle parking is available at the main hospital entrances. There are also bike racks in these areas
  • Female staff changing area with shower and locker facilities are located on the ground floor within the Bute corridor.
  • Male changing and shower facilities are located on the 1st floor of the tower opposite the Staff Coffee Lounge.
Cycling and walking maps

NHSGGC have developed walking and cycling guides for our Acute Sites.

The maps provide information for staff, visitors and outpatients walking and cycling routes, public transport options and access points surrounding the site.

Please click on the links below to access and download a copy:

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cyclescheme bike availability

With the increased demand for cycling, many retailers are struggling to meet demand. Before submitting your application, please check your preferred retailer has your bike in stock. This will also ensure you know how much you need to apply for. 

More information on stock availability is available by clicking here. 

Cyclescheme upper limit increase

From 1st June 2020, the upper limit for Cyclescheme for NHSGGC increased to £4,000, meaning even more people can become regular cyclists and afford higher-priced items like e-bikes and have the opportunity to explore cycling as an option for their commute. 

Cycling is not only good for your health, it saves you time and money and is much better for the environment. Through Cyclescheme you can save between 25-39% on a brand new bike and accessories and spread the cost over 6 or 12 months through your salary. 

1. It’s here to stay; the scheme is effective and will continue to run
2. You can now save on bikes of any value using the scheme
3. You can now get any accessories and components you need to stay in saddle.

  • Save money on the cost of a brand new bike and equipment, average saving is around 32%*
  • Get Fit by cycling to work.
  • Lose weight.
  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint.
  • Save money on your regular fuel bill.
  • No stress having to find a parking space.
  • Good scenic cycle routes away from the congested main roads.
  • Easy to use online scheme
  • Have a new bike and/or equipment within 14 days.
Scheme description and application process explained

The Cycle to Work scheme is a salary sacrifice scheme, this means that instead of making a ‘direct’ saving on the purchase you make the saving on your tax and NI contributions as the monthly deductions come off your gross wage (pre tax & NI.)  For example – prior to this change if you wanted to get a £1,500 cycle to work package you would have requested a certificate for £1,000 and added £500 of your own funds. This would have resulted in a standard rate taxpayer saving £250 (inc. an ownership fee). Now, you would save £375 (inc. an ownership fee). Everything you need to stay in the saddle

Important information. Please read before applying
  • In line with other salary sacrifice schemes, pension contributions into the NHS pension scheme are deducted from your full salary before the deduction of the salary sacrifice. If you need any more information, please contact your Payroll Officer before applying
  • The deductions must not take you below the lower earnings limit
  • You must also be employed by NHSGGC for the period of the hire agreement (6 and 12 month hire options are available if staff are on a contracted post)
How to apply
  1. Visit here in order to find a Cyclescheme retailer you wish you shop with and get a quote for your desired bike package, alternatively if you know how much you want to spend just apply for that amount. 
  2. Visit the Cyclescheme website here and enter the required details – you will also need to agree to and sign your online Salary Sacrifice Agreement as part of your online application. The code for NHS GG & C is 6b370
  3. Travel Plan Office will review your application and approve or decline it.
  4. If approved you will receive an email from Cyclescheme to start the Sign & Collect process and at this point you will need to confirm which Cyclescheme retailer you are using.
  5. You will then receive your Certificate number and Redemption Code by e mail. Take this in-store to your chosen retailer/or follow the online retailer process steps and redeem for your Cyclescheme package.
  6. Whilst you are in store the retailer will redeem your certificate. They will then send you an SMS with a link to sign your Hire Agreement. Once completed you can head home with your new cycling gear.
  7. Payments will be deducted from your weekly/monthly salary over 6 or 12 months, usually beginning the month following application.

The only items you’re not allowed to save on are:

  • GPS ride trackers and navigational computers
  • Cameras (such as GoPros)
  • Car bike racks
  • Turbo trainers or rollers.
End of hire agreement.

At the end of the hire period (12 months), Cyclescheme will contact employees to discuss the three options available.

  1. The most attractive option for employees and the one that NHSGGC would always recommend will be to pay a small, refundable deposit (3% if under £500 or 7% if £500+ of the certificate value) and continue to use the bicycle or safety equipment for an extended period of up to 36 months upon which time the bike and/or equipment will be transferred to you.
  2. Hand back the bike and or equipment (not recommended)
  3. Pay the HMRC set fair market value, 18% if under £500 and 25% if £500+ (again, not recommended) which would make the bike/equipment ‘yours’ after 12 months however this reduces drastically the savings made through the scheme

More information on the end of hire process can be found here

Further information

Contact Cyclescheme on or email

Staff Parking

Staff Car Parking Permit holders have access to designated car parks on all sites covered by the NHSGGC Car Parking Policy.

Staff permits are allocated on the basis of frequency of need to use a car to undertake NHS duties, and supply and demand at each site. Details of how to apply for staff permits are available on Staffnet and via local site Facilities Management offices.

A number of parking bays will also be set aside for non-permit holding staff at each of following sites.

  • Gartnavel Campus: Area adjacent to transport depot at Shelley Court
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital: Various locations at front rear and side of the hospital building
  • QEUH: Surface Car Parks: P4, P5, P7
  • Stobhill: Adjacent to nursery
  • Victoria ACH: Entrance ‘A’
  • West Glasgow ACH: Lower car park.

These spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to review of effect on car park management arrangements at each site.

Car Share Permit Information

We encourage staff to car-share where practical and possible. Car sharing can help you reduce your daily travel costs while helping to reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. You can take turns driving and you don’t have to do it every day. It’s completely flexible.

Regular car-sharers save on average £80 a month – that’s nearly £1000 per year! They drastically reduce CO2 emission which helps towards a healthier and happier community.

Please note that car share permits are available on selected sites, West Glasgow ACHQEUHGartnavel Hospitals Campus and RAH

  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint.
  • Make new friends.
  • Reduce stress, share the driving.
  • No need to change your insurance.
Car Share information and application form
  1. Contact the travel plan office by email or phone 0141 451 1646 or 0141 451 1647
  2. Complete the Application Form for each car share team member. This is an online process, via Staffnet, and the travel plan office will process your application and notify applicants within 10-14 working days. *only available through intranet.
Permit holders must observe the following terms and conditions

Permit holders must observe the following terms and conditions.

  • Permits can only be used for car share journeys and must not be used for single occupancy journeys. If team members are on leave then the car share permit cannot be used.
  • Please ensure your car share team is still in place when you enter the car parks as attendants will be monitoring the car share permit spaces.
  • The permit is issued for use by members of the car share group ONLY. It is not transferable and must not be used for single occupancy journeys.
  • Misuse or breaches will result in the permit being withdrawn.
  • Notify the Travel Plan office ( if your team membership changes.
  • Please notify by return if you no longer require a car share permit.
  • Staff are encouraged to extend the membership of their car sharing teams and are encouraged to find additional matches for your commute.

For more information contact Travel Plan Office on 0141 452 1467 [61467] or email

There has been some concern recently regarding insurance for those officially car sharing

The Association of British Insurers is supportive of car sharing and have agreed that insurance cover will not be affected if passengers contribute towards your journey costs (including fuel, vehicle depreciation and associated vehicle running costs), as long as lifts are given in a vehicle seating eight passengers or less. The principle being that a profit is not made from private travel.

Over 300 insurance providers are members of the ABI, accounting for about 95% of the motor insurance market in the UK. Drivers with any concerns, however, should check with their own insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time.

The maximum number of NHSGGC staff that can be carried on each Shuttle Bus is strictly limited to 2. In accordance with Scottish Government guidelines, face coverings must be worn for travel on Shuttle Buses.

Local Bus Services

Stagecoach X19 operates at frequent intervals to link Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Queen Elizabeth University Hospitals (QEUH). First 77 operates at regular intervals to link Glasgow City Centre, Partick, West Glasgow ACH and QEUH.

Dedicated Shuttle Bus Services

There are timetabled services between the below noted sites, please click on the timetable to view or download.

  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary to Gartnavel General Hospital 
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary to Stobhill ACH
  • Gartnavel General Hospital to QEUH
  • QEUH to Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • QEUH to New Victoria ACH

Important Information: There is no advance booking of seats, availability is on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Shuttle Bus Service is only available for use by NHSGGC Staff or authorised persons. No patient travel is allowed. Timetables correct as of 15th November 2021.

Whilst every effort will be made to operate according to the above timetables, journey times may be affected by inclement weather and/or road traffic conditions.

Save money! Get fit! Help the environment!

In this section you will find information, links and various initiatives that makes it cheaper, easier and more environmentally sustainable for staff to travel to and from their place of work and between sites.

Further Information

For more information, please contact Travel Plan Office on 0141 451 1646/47 or email: