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Throughout your first year and your career, as a healthcare professional, you are likely to experience a range of emotions, which could affect your health and wellbeing.  The link below will take you to the NHSGGC organisational page for health and wellbeing, where you can explore these emotions and become aware of the supports available to you, to ensure you can address your emotions in a positive way.

NHSGGC: Mental Health and Wellbeing for NHSGGC staff 

NHSGGC has also produced a brief booklet with a number of resources which can support staff to take care of their own mental health and support colleagues to do so too. Click here to access this booklet. 

As NQPs, commencing your career in healthcare, it is imperative that you are aware of, and look after your own wellbeing.  Access this link Newly Qualified Staff – Looking after your wellbeing for guidance which could support you to do this.

It is recognised that exceptional demands are currently being placed on people working in health and social care. The National Wellbeing Hub contains information, resources and supports which you may find helpful at work and at home.  

(Please note: the Hub is not specifically for NQPs, but you may find the contents are beneficial to you).

Portfolio examples

Within this section you will find examples of evidence portfolios, which have been kindly submitted by NQPs who have completed the programme.  This is to allow publication of examples for your information.

Please note: The portfolios have been published in the formats provided by the NQPs and are intended to be published in full.  However, for anonymity reasons, there may be portfolios, where a piece of evidence has been replaced with a blank template of the document rather than the completed document.  Furthermore, these portfolios may not reflect discussions which have taken place between NQP and Facilitator to meet learning outcomes.

Below you will find the Flying Start Facilitators Information Guide, which provides information on the programme, protected study time and the role of the Facilitator, as well as guidance around the resources that NQPs can use to evidence their learning.  Information regarding the LearnPro module: GGC Flying Start Facilitator Guide can also be found below.

LearnPro module

There is also a LearnPro module GGC: Flying Start Facilitator Guide that your facilitator can complete to refresh their knowledge or to familiarise themselves with the role of facilitator.  This can be accessed within LearnPro, under CPD.

Read and view some of the experiences of registered professionals who have completed the Flying Start programme. They highlight what they feel have been the benefits of the programme and some of their experiences throughout their first year in practice.  This is further reflected in the video messages from 3 NQPs, which you will find helpful.


Katie Deas
Hannah Greenway
Christina Hill
Douglas Kerr
Kirsty Wallace

Flying Start Journey

Adult Nurse

“Flying Start resources have given me the opportunity to become more self-aware by way of the reflective accounts I have to do. It enables me to see what point I ‘m at as a Newly Qualified Practitioner and how far I need to go to become a better practitioner.”

“Flying Start modules should also give me a headstart when revalidating as a nurse and will populate my portfolio ready for that.”


“I still use the 4 pillars structure to help me navigate my way around my learning.”

“Being able to manage yourself, as well as leading your patients is important, this has made me more confident in my role.”

“Through Flying Start Leadership pillar, I took most learning in self leadership and strategies to help manage myself and the impact I have on other people.”

“Through Flying Start Evidence, Research and Development pillar, I became involved in developing a formal pathway for patient feedback, making feedback accessible for all, patients felt listened to.”

“By working through Flying Start, my portfolio evidence has helped me with my TURAS Appraisal and has enough in it to get me through the HCPC process.”


“Flying Start has helped me bridge the gap from student to newly qualified midwife, and has allowed me to become more independent.”

“Meeting learning outcomes for Flying Start has supported my transition to being a capable confident midwife.”

  • Nicole Dolan discusses her journey from student to registered professional during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Kirsty Tamburrini discusses her journey from student to registered professional during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Hannah Downey discusses her journey from student to registered professional during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mental Health Nurse

“I realised the importance of the programme early on and this was reinforced by my colleagues supporting me.”

Booklet 1: Getting Started

Booklet 1 has been designed to support you when working through the Flying Start programme. Please utilise this booklet for getting started and registering for the programme.

Booklet 1 cover image
Booklet 2: Resources

Booklet 2 has been designed to support you when working through the Flying Start programme. Please utilise this booklet and the resources, aligned with the presentations and videos, to ensure you are thinking about evidencing your learning and development when working towards meeting the learning outcomes of the programme.

Booklet 2 cover image
Booklet 3: Sign off for completion

Booklet 3 below has been designed to support you when working through the Flying Start programme. Please utilise this booklet for sign off for completion and downloading your completion certificate.

Booklet 3 cover image
Booklet 4: TURAS

Booklet 4 below has been designed to support you to create and build your TURAS portfolio. This can be used to document your learning throughout your career.

Booklet 4 cover image
Presentations and videos

The presentations and videos below have been designed to support you when working through the Flying Start programme. They should be utilised along with the guidance booklets, to ensure you are thinking about evidencing your learning and working towards meeting the learning outcomes of the programme.

Further resource videos from the NHSGGC Nurse Director and the NMC have also been included, as these will be helpful to you.

Flying Start Presentations

Zones of discomfort and personal development

Welcome to NHSGGC

Additional Resources

Flying Start Podcasts

As part of NHSGGC Let’s Talk Practice Education – Learn your way series of podcasts, the Practice Education Team have developed podcasts to add to the learning resources available within the NHSGGC Flying Start Portal. The addition of podcasts to our learning resources offers staff more flexibility with their learning.

The podcasts available are:

The resources within the Flying Start Portal aim to support nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, in the first year of practice as newly qualified practitioners (NQPs), whilst undertaking the Flying Start programme. Facilitators may also find these resources helpful when supporting the NQPs through the programme.

Please note: The use of the resources contributes towards NHSGGC Protected Study time and CPD for NMC Revalidation and HCPC Standards

Pillars of Practice

The four Pillars of Practice and related outcomes must be achieved to complete the Flying Start programme.  Please familiarise yourself with these and think about which outcomes you may be achieving, or can work towards achieving, dependent on your learning at that time.  How you meet these outcomes, will be specific to you, your role, and your practice setting. See also Pillars of Practice presentation.


It is your responsibility as a registered professional to ensure you are aware of the requirements of the programme.  The following information is a list from The Definitive Guide, which highlights who is involved in the process to support you, and the responsibilities of each individual.

The Scottish Government requires all NQPs to complete Flying Start NHS in the first 12 months of practice.  In line with this, it is a requirement of NHSGGC for all NQPs to undertake and complete the Flying Start programme.  To support this, following discussion with the NHSGGC Nurse Director/Interim AHP Director and Chief Nurses/Midwife, it was agreed that each NQP, during their first year of practice, will be afforded 24 hours (3 days equivalent) protected learning time away from the workplace. This is based on 2 x 12 hour shifts currently undertaken by nursing and midwifery staff, and will be rostered and planned for.  The study time will occur at approximately month 2 and month 8 of employment.  If there are any queries around facilitation of this learning time, please contact your PEF/CHEF .

This time is supported with facilitated learning resources which have been compiled by NHSGGC Practice Education team, to support NQPs with their learning and development, to meet the learning outcomes for the programme.  These resources include:

Electronic resource booklets: Four electronic resource booklets which will support you in Getting Started with Flying Start, provides evidence forms to allow you to document your learning, these can be printed, saved and/or uploaded to your professional portfolio, guide you through the sign off process for completion and how to get started with your TURAS professional portfolio.

Resources, videos and presenter-narrated presentations covering reflection, the pillars of practice, teamworking and working styles characteristics, comfort zones and self development, resilience, leadership, consolidation of learning, evidencing portfolio and moving forward in your career, as well as staff resources for your  Health and Wellbeing.  All of which, will guide your learning and development and support your understanding of the Flying Start programme.

Queries should be directed to your PEF or CHEF or via email to:

What is Flying Start?

Flying Start NHS® is the national development programme designed to support newly qualified practitioners (NQPs), to become confident and capable health professionals, in their first year of practice.

The foundations of the refreshed Flying Start programme are the four Pillars of Practice. These provide the NQP (nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs) with the opportunity to be flexible in their learning, utilise the learning opportunities available to them, work with real situations and issues, choose activities that will benefit their development and are relevant to their area of practice. Undertaking Flying Start NHS® will also allow the NQP to develop their skills in critical thinking and reflection. Furthermore, by working through the programme, it will help the NQP generate evidence to contribute to TURAS Appraisal, CPD portfolios, NMC Revalidation and HCPC standards requirements.

NQPs undertaking Flying Start should register for a TURAS account (see Booklet 1: Getting started).

The Definitive Guide to the Programme provides a comprehensive overview of the programme for both NQPs and Facilitators. The NHSGGC Flying Start resources supports the NQP in their learning, development and building their portfolio, as well as offering resources to those who may or will be Flying Start Facilitators. Your Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) or Care Home Education Facilitator (CHEF) can also offer additional support.


If you are unsure who this is please email:

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