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Control it plus

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“I found the sessions very relaxed and the medical team took time to explain various topics related to diabetes.”

— Service User

Control it plus logo

“I enjoyed the session and the ladies were so nice that it made me feel so comfortable to ask questions as I am a shy person.”

— Service User

Control it plus logo

“I particularly liked the use of the videos, which were easy to understand.”

— Service User

Control It Plus is our lifestyle programme for people who have been diagnosed with, or are at risk of developing, Type 2 Diabetes. The programme aims to give you a better understanding of Type 2 Diabetes and help you to self-manage your condition as best as you can.

Control It Plus is currently delivered across two interactive sessions, using Microsoft Teams. We understand that for a number of reasons you may be unable to or unsure about joining these sessions. Therefore, we have collated a series of videos here, taking you through each section of the programme, which you can watch in your own time. You can also access our programme videos in British Sign Language here.

If , having watched these videos, you would like to join one of our group sessions, or have any questions please get in touch. Just click on ‘Further Learning’ below.


What to expect from Control It Plus.


Know It Plus

Understanding and managing Type 2 Diabetes.

Eat it

Healthy eating and the impact of diet on your health.

Move it

The benefits of physical activity.

Toe it

Your guide to foot care and its importance.

Plan it

Setting goals to self-manage your condition.

Live it

Services and resources to help you self-manage your condition.

Further Learning

To self-refer to one of our group Control It Plus sessions, or if you have any questions please get in touch. Don’t forget you can access our programme booklet here.


Phone: 0141 531 8901 (Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:30-16:30)

In addition, My Diabetes My Way have a rang of eLearning courses which can support your self-management and we would encourage to complete these here.

Type 2 Diabetes Hub

Welcome to our Type 2 Diabetes Hub. Here you’ll find a range of information about our diabetes lifestyle programme, Control It Plus as well as links to other services and information which can support you to manage your condition and improve your health.

Click below to access our Control It Plus programme videos and booklet or get in touch to join one of our interactive sessions.

Find out about our other services to support your journey…..

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our services or to self-refer please get in touch and we’d be happy to help you:


Phone: 0141 531 8901 (Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:30-16:30)