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Maternity Hospitals And Units

Maternity Booking Line – Call your midwife

As soon as you know you are pregnant we recommend that you make an appointment with a midwife by calling 0141 347 8422.

This is part of a national drive to promote the best start for pregnant women and their babies.

We urge all mums-to-be, even those with children already, to book into your local maternity services by week 12 of your pregnancy.

At this key stage midwives can ensure the best long-term care is being provided for mum and baby. They will assess mum’s health needs and provide support around eating well, exercise, dental care, smoking, drinking and housing.

The first two trimesters following conception are critical. This is when the baby is most vulnerable to damage caused by:

  • Tobacco
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Maternal stress
  • Poor nutrition.

When you call you will be given an appointment with a named midwife, and an appointment slot for a scan. A request will go to your GP with details asking for medical history before the appointment.

As far as possible, we will offer appointments close to your GP and local hospital.

There will be some exceptions, for example if the GP thinks that you need to be seen very early or an obstetrician should see you first.

You will find more information on all pregnancy care and support on this website:

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Community Maternity Units

Outpatient Maternity Care

West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital – Maternity Care Centre

Call: 0141 201 0140 / 0141

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