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Physical Activity

The UK guidelines suggest that the average adult should undertake 150 minutes of physical activity per week. 

More than half (54%) of all Greater Glasgow and Clyde residents are not active enough to gain these health benefits.

See Chapter 5. Section 5.3.1 of the Director of Public Health Report 2015-17 for more background information on levels of physical activity in Glasgow and Clyde.

See also the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde 2014/15 Health and Wellbeing Survey  (Section 3.4)

To help with this, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have a Physical Activity Team who work with a range of partners to try to increase physical activity levels.  Part of our remit is to work with our six Local Authority partners and to part fund the delivery of three core physical activity programmes; Health Walks, Live Active and Vitality, which are available and promoted throughout the GGC area. 

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