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Food, Nutrition and Weight Management

Poor diet and an unhealthy weight are two of the main contributors to poor health in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and seen throughout our lifecycle. 

The Scottish Dietary Goals were established 20 years ago to set the direction of a healthy diet to reduce the burden of obesity and diet-related disease. Unfortunately little progress has been made and we still consumes too much energy, saturated fat, sugar and salt and not enough fruit and vegetables, oil-rich fish and fibre. This poor diet is contributing to obesity.

We know that across NHSGGC: 

  • 22% of primary 1 children are overweight and obese
  • 16.9% of women and 9.2% of men aged 16-24 years old are obese
  • 65% of men and 59% of women aged 16-64+ years old are overweight and obese. 

Obesity and poor diet exist across the population but inequalities exist with diet and obesity being particularly worst in our poorer communities.

What we’re doing to address these issues: 

NHSGGC are committed to addressing poor diet and weight issues by working with our partner organisations to provide programmes supporting healthier choices such as: