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What’s New


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NHS Scotland Pride Badge – make the pledge to be an ally to progress

Thank you for visiting our Pride Pledge page.

Over 5,600 of our staff have already made the pledge and we hope there will be many more!

Make the Pledge and Wear the Badge with Pride!

The NHS Scotland Pride Badge promotes inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and makes a statement that there’s no place for discrimination in NHS Scotland.

As an NHS staff member who wears the badge, you are pledging to –

  • be aware of and responsive to issues faced by LGBTQ+ people accessing care
  • be a friendly, listening ally who staff and service users can safely approach
  • use inclusive language and respect identity

To make the pledge and receive your badge please click on the Webropol link (below) and complete the form. Please make sure you include a complete NHSGGC work site postal address so we can get your badge to you as quickly as possible.

* We have had an overwhelming response to this campaign so please don’t worry if you do not receive your badge right away. If you have already contacted us, please don’t send a follow up query about delivery as we won’t be able to respond. We are currently processing all requests and will issue your badge as soon as possible. *

The Pride Badge Toolkit should provide you with all you need to know about wearing the NHS Scotland Pride Badge.  It also gives you some useful tips about managing things like social media responses and signposting people to national organisations. 

Pride Badge Toolkit

Local support

Some people may be having a particularly tough time and may disclose to you that they have experienced hate crime on the grounds of their LGBTQ+ identity.  It’s important that you know there are supports in place for people to report this type of crime and that it can be reported easily.  More information is available from – Report Hate Crime to Police Scotland – Police Scotland

You may be approached by colleagues who discloses they are experiencing discrimination in the workplace from colleagues or service users and would like support to deal with it.  Our HR Department is on stand-by to support any employee who feels they are being victimised or bullied because of their identity.  More information is available here – NHSGGC : Contact the HR Support & Advice Unit

NHSGGC has supported the development of Staff Forums representing the voice of our BME, Disabled and LGBTQ+ staff.  Please support the Forum membership by signposting anyone interested in joining.  More information is available here – NHSGGC : Staff Forums

No Place for Hate – how to report a hate crime

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is taking a stand against discrimination in all its forms and we encourage our staff, patients and visitors to report it if they witness or are victims of a perceived hate crime.

Police Scotland have an online reporting form and supporting information which can be accessed here : Hate crime – Police Scotland

NHSGGC staff who witness or experience perceived hate incidents should immediately report this to their line manager and record it on Datix using the appropriate fields.

We all have a role to play in ending hate crime. For further information please contact

COVID-19 Information
Just Published

Tip Cards – produced in response to staff requests, these offer tips on communicating and supporting our diverse communities. For hard copies, contact us.

Direct Patient Access to Telephone Interpreting – This new resource explains in multiple languages how to access the telephone interpreting service to contact any NHSGGC service. For example, patients can use the service to call from home and make an appointment with their GP, discuss medications with their Pharmacy or book a Maternity appointment.