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Face to Face or Telephone Interpreting

You are entitled to an interpreter for all NHS services, including hospital and GP appointments, dentists, opticians, chiropodists, pharmacists etc. A member of staff must provide the interpreter for you. 

During COVID restrictions, face to face interpreting using PPE equipment is still permitted in some circumstances. However, telephone interpreting will be used unless this is not appropriate for the particular patient or appointment. Attend Anywhere / Near me video interpreting is also available for spoken language interpreting.

The following leaflet states your right to an interpreter and explains to staff how they should go about this if they are unsure. You can print it off, or contact us for a copy to carry with you when attending appointments.

British Sign Language Online Interpreting Service

The NHS has a responsibility to make sure that a BSL interpreter is provided for you when you use our services. If you have an appointment then staff should book an interpreter in advance. Please ensure that your Clinician/GP is aware that you require an interpreter so that they can do this with as much notice as possible.

For emergency hospital visits, you can still ask for a face to face interpreter. You can then use the BSL Online Interpreting service until your interpreter arrives.

During COVID restrictions, face to face BSL interpreting using PPE equipment is still permitted. However, on some occasions we may suggest the use of video interpreting to facilitate the appointment if this is considered a safer option.

BSL Online interpreting – information in BSL

NHSGGC’s BSL interpreting service – information in BSL is currently being updated and will be available soon.