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Information for Carers

Listen to Betty talk about why it is so important for people to realise they are a carer and get support.

I’m a carer, what are my rights?

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 gives unpaid carers new rights to help support carers to continue to care, for as long as they choose, in better health and to have a life alongside caring.

One of the most important rights that carers now have is the right to be involved in discharge planning for the people they care for. If the person you care for is currently in hospital please speak to the ward staff and let them know you are their carer. This will help us make sure that we are involving you as much as possible in the decisions regarding care and discharge. 

There is also a Carers’ Charter that will let you know your rights as a carer.

Leaflets to help carers understand their rights

The Coalition of Carers have worked with a variety of carers, carer organisations and health and social care staff to design leaflets for carers. They let you know about your rights and what to expect when you are

All of these can be downloaded from the Coalition of Carers website.

What support can I get?

There are local carer support services which can give you help with:

  • Practical Information – learn about services that can help you and the person you care for in your local area
  • Training – get the knowledge and skills that can support you as a carer
  • Money Matters – learn about the financial support that may be available for you or the person you care for
  • Emotional Support – someone to be a listening ear
  • Having a Voice – helping you influence what happens in your local area

Listen to Lorraine from our Support and Information Service speak about the types of support carers can get access to.

Where can I get support?

Every HSCP area has their own carer support services. You can contact them yourself, or you call the Carers Information Line on 0141 353 6504. They will pass your contact details onto your local services.

British Sign Language (BSL) Resource – What support can I get and where do I get it?

Have you heard of the Support and Information Service?

This is a service provided by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with centres in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, New Victoria, Stobhill, Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Royal Hospital for Children. It is available to all hospital users including patients, visitors and staff. A wide range of support is available including money advice and carers support. 

You can drop into one of the centres, phone 0141 452 2387 or email