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Preparation: Practice Supervisors / Practice Assessors

This section is about nursing and midwifery colleagues’ preparation to support future generations of nurses and midwives as Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors.


With NMC Standards of Education (2018), the way we support student nurses on practice placements within NHSGGC was updated in the summer of 2020. The role of the mentor has evolved into two separate roles, namely the Practice Supervisor (PS) and Practice Assessor (PA).

Preparation at a glance

If you were previously a mentor / sign-off mentor / practice teacher, simply follow and complete the steps within this self-declaration document: WoS Transition Form 

If you have never been involved in the mentorship programme, then please complete the following document instead: WoS Self-Preparation Form (The relevant TURAS Units 1 to 4 are expected to take 10 hours (for PS only), and a further 6 hours for Units 5 and 6 (for PS and PA))

**Please note that regardless of which form you use, a copy of the form must be kept for yourself, in-line with NMC Standards for Education (2018) and NES Quality Standards for Practice Learning (2020)

Protected learning time

The Scottish Executive Nurse Directors have approved 16 hours of protected learning time to enable nursing and midwifery registrants from NHS GGC to undertake Practice Supervisor (10 hours) and Practice Assessor (additional 6 hours) preparation. This applies to those who were not previously a mentor, sign-off mentor or practice teacher.

At the point of registration, graduate nurses and midwives from Scottish universities should have undertaken supervisor preparation as part of their undergraduate programmes and be “supervisor-ready”. Therefore, all NQNs / NQMs should only be required to complete Assessor preparation (6 hours). 

Protected learning time does not need to be taken in a block and should be supported in line with service delivery needs.

The three roles undertaking the supervision and assessment of student nurses
The three roles undertaking the supervision and assessment of student nurses
Further information

A number of bite size sessions to support the preparation of Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor roles have been produced under the West of Scotland Regional Approach:

Introduction to the National Practice Assessment Document (PAD)
Preparing the learning environment
Effective communication between Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor
Collating feedback
Constructive Feedback
Courageous conversations
Grading and assessment
Managing student concerns

NHS Lanarkshire have developed and shared an online resource to support PS / PA development and transition.

A narrated presentation about the Transition from NES can be found here.

Also, enjoy our audio podcasts at a time that suits you. We offer a series of 5 podcasts giving information on the new NMC standards and one dedicated to transition.

Colleagues are welcomed to contact their PEF / CHEF for further information and guidance.