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Flying Start NHS® Portal

What is Flying Start?

Flying Start NHS® is the national development programme designed to support newly qualified practitioners (NQPs), to become confident and capable health professionals, in their first year of practice.

The foundations of the refreshed Flying Start programme are the four Pillars of Practice. These provide the NQP (nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs) with the opportunity to be flexible in their learning, utilise the learning opportunities available to them, work with real situations and issues, choose activities that will benefit their development and are relevant to their area of practice. Undertaking Flying Start NHS® will also allow the NQP to develop their skills in critical thinking and reflection. Furthermore, by working through the programme, it will help the NQP generate evidence to contribute to TURAS Appraisal, CPD portfolios, NMC Revalidation and HCPC standards requirements.

NQPs undertaking Flying Start should register for a TURAS account (see Booklet 1: Getting started).

The Definitive Guide to the Programme provides a comprehensive overview of the programme for both NQPs and Facilitators. The NHSGGC Flying Start resources supports the NQP in their learning, development and building their portfolio, as well as offering resources to those who may or will be Flying Start Facilitators. Your Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) or Care Home Education Facilitator (CHEF) can also offer additional support.


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